The following is a list of 2008 Presidential debates we have uploaded in their entirety. They are unedited, except for commercials, and are here for your viewing pleasure. They were recorded when they originally aired. Feel free to embed them directly or link to this page, just give us a little credit when you do. This is the only place on the internet you can watch all the full debate videos.

This list will be kept updated as the campaign continues. The latest debate videos will appear at the top of their respective lists:

John McCain / Barack Obama debates and forums:


10/15/08 – Video: McCain / Obama final Presidential debate from Hofstra University, Hempsted, New York

10/7/08 – Video: McCain / Obama Town Hall debate from Belmont University, Nashville, TN

9/26/08 – Video: McCain / Obama debate from the University of Mississippi

Sarah Palin / Joe Biden Vice Presidential Debate:

10/2/08 – Video: Biden / Palin Vice Presidential debate from Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Previously aired Presidential forums:

Obama/McCain Forums:

9/11/08 – 9/11 Forum on public and national service from Columbia University, New York

8/16/08 – Saddleback Civil Forum with Rick Warren at Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California

Democratic and Republican primary debate videos:

Democratic Primary Debate Videos:

4/16/08 – ABC News Democratic Debate from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2/26/08 – MSNBC Democratic Debate from Cleveland, Ohio

2/21/08 – CNN Democratic Debate From Austin, Texas

1/31/08 – CNN Democratic Debate From Los Angeles, California

1/21/08 – CNN Democratic Debate From Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1/15/08 – MSNBC Democratic Debate From Las Vegas, Nevada

1/5/08 – ABC News Democratic Debate From Manchester, New Hampshire

12/13/07 – Des Moines Register Democratic Debate From Johnston, Iowa

12/1/07 – The Iowa Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum from HDNet

12/1/07 – Iowa Democratic Heartland forum from Des Moines on C-SPAN

11/15/07 – CNN Democratic debate from Las Vegas, Nevada

10/30/07 – MSNBC/NBC News Democratic debate from Philadelphia, PA

9/26/07 – MSNBC Democratic debate from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire

9/20/07 – AARP/IPT Democratic debate from Davenport, Iowa

9/9/07 – Univision Democratic Spanish Debate from Miami, Florida

8/19/07 – The ABC News Democratic debate from Iowa

8/9/07 – LOGO Gay & Lesbian Visible Vote ’08 Democratic Presidential Forum

8/7/07 – The AFL-CIO MSNBC Democratic debate from Soldier Field in Chicago

7/23/07 – CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate from South Carolina

6/28/07 – PBS Democratic debate from Howard University, Washington D.C.

6/3/07 – CNN Democratic debate from New Hampshire

4/26/07 – MSNBC Democratic debate from South Carolina

Republican Primary Debate Videos:

1/30/08 – CNN Republican Debate From Simi Valley, California

1/24/08 – MSNBC Republican Debate From Boca Raton, Florida

1/10/08 – Fox News Republican Debate from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1/6/08 – Fox News Republican Forum from Manchester, New Hampshire

1/5/08 – ABC News Republican Debate From Manchester, New Hampshire

12/12/07 – Des Moines Register Republican Debate From Johnston, Iowa

12/9/07 – Univision Republican Debate with English subtitles from Miami, Florida

11/28/07 – CNN/YouTube Republican debate from St. Petersburg, Florida

10/21/07 – FOX News Republican debate from Orlando, Florida

10/9/07 – CNBC/MSNBC Republican debate from Dearborn, Michigan

9/27/07 – PBS Republican debate from Morgan State University

9/5/07 – Fox News Republican debate from New Hampshire

8/5/07 – The ABC News Republican debate from Iowa

6/5/07 – CNN Republican debate from New Hampshire

5/15/07 – FOX News Republican debate video from South Carolina

5/3/07 – MSNBC Republican debate from California

More 2008 videos we’ve uploaded:

YouAreTV 2008 Videos

Google Video 2008 Videos

Throughout the 2008 election season we will maintain all the lengthy pertinent video right here.