Jim Acosta’s “Rights”

Conservatives have long complained about the unrelenting expansion of rights as activist Judges, in essence, amend the Constitution and knowingly expand the definitions of ‘rights’ well beyond the intent of the Constitution.

The Constitution has been amended again. Judge Timothy J. Kelly has declared that CNN’s Jim Acosta has a constitutionally protected right to be a complete Ass, manhandle interns and engage in behavior considered by some if not most to be aberrant and there is nothing the White House can do about it. Or is there?

We should test the Constitutional limits of Jim’s new found ‘rights’. Is it a ‘right’ that he has to be called on for a question? Is a seat in the front row a ‘right’, or can he be relegated to the peanut gallery?

Does the White House have the right to ignore Jim? Does the White House have the right to refuse to answer any of his questions? Does the White House have the right to deny access? Apparently, on that last one, the Judge’s answer is no.

Does the White House have the right to suspend press briefings until Acosta, CNN and the remainder of the belligerent press agree to reasonable standards of behavior? Does the White House have the right to appear at the briefings, report on the day’s activities and then shut it down without taking questions? In other words a briefing.

Does the White House have the right to demand civilized behavior? According to the judge, apparently not.

One has to wonder if Judge Kelly has actually watched the antics of Jim Acosta, or the near uniform Greek Chorus over there at CNN.

How is it that Facebook, Google, and Twitter can arbitrarily shut down Conservative thought and opinion but its Jim Acosta’s hard pass that has us all in a spin? Is it now the case that any and all potentially aberrant behavior during press briefings bears a constitutional protection?

What’s next; that fence jumpers at the White House have a constitutionally protected right to do so and cannot be arrested or sanctioned? Yes, yes, I know; that’s extreme but so is the idea that the White House can’t have sway over what goes on in the White House and make a determination as to what’s appropriate.

“Yea, but, but, but Trump is rude.” So Acosta can be rude as well. It’s the go-to argument for small minds and smacks of the relativism that is slowly eating away at the ethical core of the country.

There has been no President in recent history that has granted as much access to the Press as President Trump; both formally and informally. That appears to be a case of diminishing returns for Trump and he might just want to announce to the press that all of that access is going away and let them know they have Jim Acosta to thank for it.

Mr. Acosta, on the other hand, can continue to pretend to be a journalist, no one is buying it and CNN’s ratings are the proof of it. If it were me in charge Jim you’d be standing against the wall in the back of the briefing room making diary entries having asked your last press briefing question.