10 Things I Hate About You

1) The hypocrisy. It seems that in a majority of cases you can take what a politician says and find a point in time when they said the opposite. Lately, DiFi’s letter to President Obama claiming he did not need legislation to change Immigration Law. Now, horror of horror, Trump might agree with DiFi’s position, and she’s appalled, appalled I say. Hypocrisy is the dominant symptom of a moral center given up to the expediency of the moment. Two years ago Jeff Beauregard Sessions was a racist. Today those same people who applied that label to him rise up in support of him? Political leaders, that lied about military service, lecture the rest of us on morality and honest discourse? It goes on and on and it is more of a threat to a functioning democracy than any other issue out there because it is fundamental. Honesty should be fundamental and it’s not!

2) Any and all use of “The American People” in politician’s answers or statements. In the divided body politic we have now there is no way to represent the entirety of “The American People!” Stop it! You don’t know the minds of the ‘American People’ 2016 proved it.

3) Use of and support for the menu of “isms” by political leaders. You may lament the divisions for public consumption but your participation in the use of slanderous “isms” supports what you claim to lament. We rapidly approach the point in time where the “isms” will have been so thoroughly applied to such massive segments of the population that they no longer mean anything to anyone, just words with no meaning, resulting in the true occurrence of negative “isms” gone begging.

4) The ongoing declaration by politicians that they can ‘divine’ the motivations of others. Eric Swalwell comes to mind, declaring that the appointment of Acting Attorney General Whitaker is nothing more than appointing a ‘hit man’ to stop the Mueller investigation. How does he know that? Which little bird whispered in his ear or is he just making it up as he goes along desperate for, something, anything to say. It’s not just Swalwell, it’s an epidemic. Declarations for the sake of it. Mind reading?? Are you reading my mind when I say I hate this manner of declaration absent evidence or even a sense of logic?

5) Disagreement must be disagreeable, it’s not a difference of opinion it’s the fight against “evil”! Evil being defined as anyone who does not bend a knee to your perceptions and beliefs; evil I say. The Guardian claims that white women who vote Republican represent “racist, sadism”; what? What is racist, sadism?

6) I hate the idea that politically motivated investigations are superior to and more important than governing. Surely a party’s base might love the idea but those folks who are not ideologues aren’t so happy with that mindset. Jonathan Swan reports that some 85 investigations are being prepared by, or suggested by Democrats come January 3rd.

7) Hating, each and every time and each and every politician who refuses to categorically reject politically motivated violence, regardless of its source. Silence is permission! What’s worse is encouraging and justifying political violence, which we have seen as well and can be cross-referenced to portions of the media. 

8) I hate the idea that for two years we have been told that ‘such and such’ is going to create a constitutional crisis. So far, no constitutional crisis. It’s almost as if some would relish a constitutional crisis.

9) Payback! “I’m going to do X to you and your guy because you did X to me and my guy six years ago.” If that sounds like an unbroken circle of political vengeance, that is exactly what it is. We should hate it; we should see the corrosive nature of that mindset. We should realize that absent a broad base of leadership rejecting this mindset it’s an unbroken circle of political inertia with retribution, not evolution as its goal.

10) And finally, I hate the idea that there is no non-relative truth; no absolutes for right and wrong. No baseline of ideas that we all can agree on. I hate the ongoing pretzel logic that carries as its goal the justification of nearly any transgression.