Buckle Up, Republicans

For Conservatives and Republicans, it’s time to cinch up the belt, strap in and take a good deep breath; the next year and a half is going to be an exercise in frustration but there are potential rainbows to consider.

Pay back politics will dominate the airspace inside The Beltway. Adam Schiff has already announced that we’re going back to Russia, Russia, Russia. Maxine Waters will do her best to punish what she views as enemies. The House will investigate, investigate they will likely impeach to no good end as there is no possibility of getting 66 Senators to agree to remove the President. We’re going to have to get used to even more blowhard appearances on cable news. Russia, Trump’s taxes, abuse of the House hearings process; ’ impeach 45’ screamed from the rooftops. The rush of new found power will be the political equivalent of an opioid addiction requiring ever increasing dosages.

Today’s Presidential press conference is a strong taste of the behaviors to come from elected Democrats, again taking a lead from the MSM.

Public policy will fall by the wayside as Democrat waking hours will be filled with thoughts of how to hamstring President Trump. Legislate? “We don’t need no damn legislation!”

So where are the rainbows?

  • Speaker Pelosi has trouble putting two cogent sentences together. There is opposition but it will likely fail, although Trump supported her for Speaker; RESIST!
  • The average age of Committee Chairs will likely come in somewhere around 75.
  • Democrats, of late, have overplayed their hands; Russia and Justice Kavanaugh come to mind; they will do so again but the multiple will be every sitting committee in the House of Representatives
  • The potential number of Democrat Presidential hopefuls will make the 17 Republicans from 2015 look like a small field of candidates. They will all be scrambling for free air time and ‘hard core’ questioning during each of the Committee hearings looking into, something. It will be Limbo politics; instead of ‘how low can you go” it will be ‘how left can you go?” It should be quite a show if we can stand to actually watch it!
  • The House, at least, will pass legislation reversing the tax cuts; it might feel good to the base but won’t work well with the people that Democrats have temporarily convinced to vote for them.
  • The House will pass some manner of amnesty labeled as immigration reform that will also not play well with their temporary supporters.
  • The baseless charges of racism, sexism, etc. will accelerate to the point of being meaningless except as a view into the souls of those making the charge.
  • Extremism on the left will find it’s full voice and not be disavowed by those in power exposing yet more of the Progressive energy dragging traditional Liberals further left. 
  • Moderate Liberals in the House will be, figuratively, run out of town.

And finally the brightest rainbow of all, it all comes to a halt in the Senate; “Sound and Fury signifying nothing!!” The parade of judicial nominees will, however, roll on!

And just for the record, I have not screamed at the sky, pounded on any doors or bought myself a coloring book to use in my safe space.