Democrats Failing Blue Wave 101

If you want a blue wave it’s going to be a three-step process: one, fill your bathtub, but only half way up, two, add blue food coloring to the water, three, slide in and make a wave. Of course, you’ll come out a bit blue yourself but you’ll have had your blue wave. And considering that you were willing to scream at the sky, a little blue is not too much to ask.

This space in January and in May questioned how exactly you got to a blue wave absent a politically forward-looking set of Democrat policy proposals or an economic plan. You know; something other than resist, resist, resist. How do you get the blue wave we asked when Democrats support or ignore: pink pussy hats, Antifa, sophomoric political theater, banking on the doors of the Supreme Court, the Kavanaugh hearings, mindless celebrities, key Democrat leaders promoting non-civil discourse, doxing people you don’t agree with, etc?

Breaking news! America is not a Progressive echo chamber! Film at 11.

We also predicted 3.5%-4% quarterly GDP growth among a variety of other assertions. At the time Democratic strategist Mo Elleithee vowed that the Democrats would “run hard” against the tax bill and Republicans would face “headwinds”; …. crickets! The economy reacted to the Trump Tax Plan just like the other three times significant tax cuts were generated to spur the economy. Under Reagan’s tax reductions the economy saw 14 million new jobs created over a five year period, incomes grew 22% over the ensuing 7 years and the economy grew by over 3.5% on average for the rest of the decade. We’re seeing the start of exactly that kind of economic run again.

We are at a point that used to be considered by economists as “essential full employment,” minority employment is at its lowest in history. Household income is up; average wages are up there is no sign of significant inflation on the horizon. We’ve got some serious blue skies, but the wave is in serious question.

Despite the economic history, you may recall Chuck and Nancy were absolutely sure that the tax and regulation reforms would be Armageddon for those not already dead from Net Neutrality or the scaling back of Dodd/Frank.

Frank Luntz has looked at early voting patterns; more bad news for the blue wave crowd. 52% of early balloting is Republican, 43% Democrat with 5% having no party affiliation. Of the eight states Mr. Luntz looked at only Nevada had a Democrat majority in early voting; Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee, and Texas all showed Republican majorities in terms of early voting party affiliation.

Tom Perez, Chairman of the DNC is reluctant to maintain his prior optimism about the blue wave simply, now, saying it’s going to be close. In April the Democrat lead in the generic ballot was 13 points, now it’s one. That is not how mid-term elections are supposed to go.

To make matters worse yet for the blue wave crowd is the slow falling off of Black and Hispanic voters commitment to the Democratic Party as they are enjoying the benefits of the Trump economic policies; “what have you got to lose?”

100,000 people signed up for Trump’s rally in Texas. For Mr. Magic, Barack Obama, they had to re-stage the event to make it look like the paltry crowd was bigger than it was.

The Mueller investigation, the Holy Grail of Democrat impeachment expectations will likely end with a whimper; there was just never any ‘there’, there. The more realistic expectation is that corrupt dealing with the Russians was from the Hillary Clinton wing of the Democrat Party, as was the illegal domestic spying operation aimed at President Trump and his staff.

And, in the midst of all of that, Trump’s approval ratings hit new highs.

The Caravan of “Migrants” has reignited the immigration debate as Democrats say want to talk about health care. Really? Do Democrats want to continue to talk about the health care system they screwed up with the bill they didn’t read? Amazing! Chuck and Nancy issue a joint statement charging Trump with using immigration to ignore health care. They issue the talking point to their minions to ignore the ‘caravan’. Ignore the ‘caravan’; “yes please, some more Sir?”

But if you follow the instructions at the top of this piece, you can have your blue wave, you also get the added benefit of a blue puddle as you step out of the tub and look for your safe space.