Hillary: No, I Won’t Shut Up

The Daily Beast and Politico are both running commentaries that, is essence, are urging Hillary to sit down and shut up as did The Atlantic. “Hillary, you lost The Atlantic! A CNN headline declares: “Clinton is a bigger disappointment than Trump.” Perhaps CNN is no longer the Clinton News Network. Michelle Cottie, a New York Times editorial board member suggests an intervention before “she further complicates life for her fellow Democrats.”
But no, Hill and Bill announced a 13 city speaking tour recently. If Hillary was not willing to go away after her crushing defeat why would Democrats think she’s will to go quietly now. Phillippe Reines, a nasty piece of work if there ever was one, makes it worse; stating that the odds are not a zero that she won’t run for President again! Why you may ask, hasn’t she had enough? No, no, because she’ll still be younger than Trump, Biden or Sanders come 2020 and she did get 62 million votes.

No matter that Hillary’s nearly two years of whining has many of us exhausted at the thought of yet more Hillary. No matter that her #MeToo tag along is a blatant exercise in hypocrisy as she refuses to equate Bill’s victims with actual reality. She’s on the bandwagon for uncivil behavior because, well, “they disagree with us” and they are therefore the ‘other’ and not worthy of the civil considerations Hillary demands for herself; take that you sexist, racist, misogynistic mansplainer. She has no criticism to make of groups such as ANTIFA and the associated violence; as many Democrats have told us over the years; silence is consent. She is unconcerned about free speech limitations. But when it comes to Trump Hillary is loud and clear reaching deep to accuse him of, in just one appearance,: unspeakable cruelty, breathtaking corruption (yup she went there), conflicts of interest, ethics violations, malevolence and incompetence as a warm up before she got around to the tyrant rhetoric.

As the nation was saying “enough already” Hillary was giving us more, more of her; apparently under the assumption that we needed more of her whether or not we realized it, liked it or wanted it. Because face it, you just can’t get enough fact-challenged shrill! Because we just love the sound of her cackle! That voice, oh that voice.

So if you’ve lost the NYT, CNN, the Daily Beast, and your unfavorable rating is at 55.3%, 40.3 favorable at the HuffPo pollster tab. Gallup has even worse news for Hillary; 61% unfavorable, her worst favorable rating in 25 years! In light of all of that would you have a second thought about your public posture? Nyet!

It will also become clear that the next generation of potential Democratic leaders is chaffing for Hillary to move on and let some oxygen back in the room and there is no love lost with Bernie.

Democrats may scream at the sky, attack and harass Republicans at every turn but if Hillary had won there would have been no Justice Gorsuch or Kavanaugh. As Barack Obama pointed out to us at every turn; elections have consequences. I seem to recall him slapping down Senator McCain shortly after taking office, in a meeting, at the Blair House; yes I think I remember that; “the elections over John”.

Grab your sound canceling headphones; Hillary is not going away anytime soon; unless, or course, she continues to slip and fall. Her desperate reach and her deeply felt need for ongoing relevance will drive her to continue to do what she’s doing. That reach for relevance is also why she’s willing to show her true leftist colors as she attempts to realign with the Democratic base which, as she admits, is in large measure Socialist, at least in the younger portion of the party.

What might drive Hillary to silence? Perhaps firm evidence of corruption so damaging as to not be deniable and cannot be easily spun. We suspect it’s out there, as does Federal Judge Royce C. Lamberth as he strongly criticized the State Department for providing false information regarding the Clinton e-mail investigation. Judge Lamberth was also ‘flabbergasted’ that Cheryl Mills was given immunity and allowed to be present during Hillary’s FBI interview. The good Judge also suggested Cheryl Mills committed perjury and found her to be “unworthy of belief’ and ‘loathsome’. The media is not going there but Judicial Watch is.

Stay tuned!