Randomizing: Volume 1, Number 5

It’s okay to come out of the bunker now! David Hoag has not been heard from lately. Why did it take the media so long to recognize “you can’t fix stupid”? And, that you shouldn’t put it on the air; wait what, fire all the anchors?

When is a deal not a deal department? Democrats agreed to 15 judicial appointments so that they could go home to campaign. I think that means the Republicans can go home to campaign as well, so where was the actual deal? But, it’s all good. We need a break from official D.C.; a break from the hypocrisy.

I always wanted to be a badass! Leader McConnell seems to be finding his stride; trolling, getting Democrats to cave on weak deals, in their face on the Kavanaugh vote, and standing up to the craziness. Was to go! What took so long?

Can’t make it up! Want a prime seat to hear Bill and Hillary, well …. ‘speak’, because it’s so rare that they ‘speak’, you know, in public. $700 buys you the prime; “I can be important for $700” ticket. Because, we just don’t know, when we’ll we ever get a chance to hear them ‘speak’ again?

Run Hillary, run!

Duh? Breitbart reports by way of The Hill that Latino’s just might be putting identity politics in the back seat in favor of improving economic opportunity and confidence that it will continue under Trump. How dare they think for themselves? What’s to become of the plantation if this trend continues? First Blacks started sliding away and now Latinos. Good Lord, we might lose elections; you know like the 900 seats over the past eight years!

We’re all going to die from Global Warming, oops no, sorry, Climate Change; whew! Joe Bastardi of Weather Bell, perhaps the finest meteorologist on the planet predicted a major storm in the Gulf a month ago and in the shorter term forecast a Cat 3-4 when Michael was still a tropical storm. It doesn’t change the devastation, but it wasn’t climate change because it was predictable based on actual science.

Wait, what! Chelsea Handler a somewhat deranged leftist “comedian” implied that Lindsey Graham is Gay on “Coming Out” day. I may have missed the memo but aren’t we supposed to not care about someone’s sexual orientation? Did not the Left of Ms. Handler insist on this? Isn’t this supposed to be a day of empathy and support?

Mob, what mob?