As Left-Wing Violence Grows, Might Be Time To Buy That Gun

I have mulled gun ownership for a number of years now but did nothing about it with the exception of a firing range lesson from my friend Mark. Great coach Mark was. But I procrastinated and do to this day. But I may be getting closer to closing the deal as violence supported by and encouraged by elected political leaders appears to grow day by day.

ANTIFA owns the streets of Portland Oregon and engages in rampant violence and intimidation at the least bit of motivation. They operate openly unrestrained by Police. You may be old or in a wheelchair (same link) it doesn’t matter you could be attacked, Police are no more than onlookers. The anti-fascist organization is acting exactly like the Fascists of old. In fact, one 74-year-old man who did not obey ANTIFA traffic management orders was chased as he managed to get his car through the mob, (yes, mob). He has been found and doxed. That man definitely needs a gun.

Some months ago when you went to the ANTIFA web site you got a home page with poorly written posts from around the country about demonstrations, meetings and all manner of insignificant arcane meanderings. Now, you get a merchandise mart; wait, what? What kind of anarchists are you? We’ve got everything from black masks to bottle openers; “love beer, hate Fascism. It looks, dare I say it, capitalistic. But I digress.

The former Attorney General Eric Holder appears to be inciting violence. Hillary Clinton speaks in code about civility when she really means violence. Mad Maxine Waters encourages violence against Republicans. Senate Republican politicians are doxed whereby the doxer has been deemed dangerous enough to keep jailed without bail.

Mazie Hirono laughs off ‘mob violence’ and justifies political violence, says she; “this is what happens. They—because when you look at white supremacists and all that, this is what is coming forth in our country. . . . this is the kind of activism that occurs. And people make their own decisions.” Not exactly making a point of rejecting the violence. Dick Durban said essentially the same thing as Hirono and somehow, found a way to blame Trump for the violence in Chicago! Huh, what, really?

To the best of my knowledge not a single Democrat leader has rejected the violence, while many if not all pretend that it’s all a figment of the Republican imagination; video proof notwithstanding. In this environment saying nothing is tantamount to approval and the approval comes from the highest ranking members of the Democrat Part. Democrat leaders apparently have jettisoned the idea that they actually are, or should be actual leaders and that there should be limits on the type of activities they support. That violence should not accrue to political speech.

We know that the Soros, Steyer cabal pay activist screamers and foot stampers to show up and harass, well, anyone they can get close to; occupying Senate offices and corridors, disrupting hearings, getting their costume on, writing messages on their hands on, chanting etc.

Stop! The 1960’s are calling and they want their political theater back.

What is to stop the spider web of Leftist organizations from operating as fronts to organize paid violence? To my eternal regret that seems to be the next evolutionary stage for the discontented, disconnected, self-victimized, angry Left. To anticipate that eventuality may make a decision about guns easy to make.