Kavanaugh Action Breeds Voting Booth Reaction

One has to wonder, what the impact will be; what the reaction will be to the infantile, repetitive, bullying, screaming and stomping of feet demonstrations. What will the electorate writ large think of it? Most especially as we come to know that much of the craziness was based on factually incorrect assumptions and uncorroborated testimony. The latest 51% Trump approval might be an indicator.

When Democrats did indeed adopt, as Judge Kavanaugh charged, a ‘search and destroy’ mission, abandoning the famous comity of the Senate and replacing it with subterfuge, witness tampering and, the attempt to get key witnesses to lie you wonder where the ripples end.

Dr. Ford’s narrative fell apart piece by piece, day by day. She may be sympathetic but she’s not credible. Had Senator Feinstein asked Dr. Ford for permission to request a confidential FBI investigation in July we could have avoided much of this, not all but certainly we may have been spared the infantile demonstrations and going nowhere speeches, by the likes of Spartacus, Ms. Harris, and Ms. Hirono I’ll reapply the Senator designation when they begin to behave in a way that warrants the honorific. Feinstein wanted a nuclear option despite having no idea if the charges were true or whether they could be corroborated; ready, fire, aim.

If you’re wondering how the FBI could execute an additional background check so quickly there are two reasons; the Judiciary Committee investigators likely did an excellent job and shared their work product with the FBI. Secondly, the FBI has thousands of investigators; spread across the country, they could have assigned an entire team to each of the interviewees. We also don’t know how many of the interviewees were interviewed before but the Senate Judiciary Committee does or could know, even the Democrats.

There can be little doubt that the Left’s motivation is the potential collapse of long-standing strategy; “if we can’t win at the ballot box, we’ll get the courts to do it for us.” The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh will go a long way to ending the efficacy of that strategy and the Left knows it. Yes, it’s about Roe and abortion rights but it goes deeper than that as it eliminates a key power center of the Left.

Brett Kavanaugh represents an unraveling of one of the three supports of the Left: the Media, College Campuses and the courts. As I‘ve read literally thousands of polls over time I come to the opinion that the hard Left in America represents about 22%-25% of the electorate but 75% of the energy when it comes to fighting it out over a single issue and the ability and inclination to mobilize. There is also a lot of money behind the effort: Soros, Steyer, Open Society, Media Matters and the literal spider web of Left Wing organization. (See, discoverthenetworks.com)

There is a lesson here for Republicans; you can stand up to the Democrats and the Media you win. When you hang together you can win these battles. If you stop rolling over for a belly rub from the media and stand up for reasonable principals you win. When you show a combination of class, competency and a willingness to fight for beliefs you win. Why would you cave to 25%?

I believe leader Schumer, Senator Feinstein and the likes of Spartacus have taken what could have been a blue wave and turned it into a Blues tune. The ads should write themselves, Harris, Booker Hirono, DiFi, the demonstrations, Dr. Ford falling apart, Michael Avanetti, phantom witnesses that can’t stand up to their own story.

Simple questions for the voters; is this what you want? Is this the way you want America governed? Is this your idea of where we want to go as a country? And, simply was all of this okay with you?

It time for the 75% to start acting like it and reject the path Democrats would put us on. Because to say Democrats in today’s world is to say Radical Progressivism!