Flake Duped by Democrats

You have to wonder if Senator Jeff Flake (wow, talk about running headlong into a descriptive last name) is feeling like the dupe he is. Or, perhaps, he is as clueless as many of us think he is and is still convincing himself that he did the right thing by holding up the Kavanaugh confirmation vote. Does he still believe the one week delay will be the end of the story? Does he still believe Democrats will respect the agreement? How could he, considering what has been said since Friday by members of the Judiciary Committee who were party to the deal?

What has happened since Friday? Well, Johnny, the predictable has happened. Democrats are moving the goal posts; they have moved the goalposts so far that they’re in another stadium at this point. Democrats are now demanding an unlimited FBI investigation, threating impeachment from his current position if Kavanaugh is not confirmed and returns to the circuit court. They want a perjury investigation related to drinking in college. Drinking in college? You can’t make this up.

Kavanaugh was at or near the top of his class in High School, number one in college and number one in law school. That does not appear to be someone who has a serious alcohol problem; especially since he admitted to sometimes “having a beer or two too many”, and admitted to throwing up on occasion due to a sensitive stomach. But hell; unleash the hounds!

Democrats reacting to a justifiably furious Kavanaugh use his anger at the attempt to destroy him as a reason to question his “temperament”. I’d be concerned if he weren’t furiously indignant. Boo Hoo, he did not cow-tow to Senators Feinstein, Klobuchar, Leahy or others; ”how dare he challenge us and point out our hypocrisy?”

Attorney Rachel Mitchell submitted a dry, recitation of facts as she saw them inclusive of a timeline and valid reasoning to argue that with what she had before her; she, an award-winning prosecutor of sexual abuse cases would not sign out a warrant on Brett Kavanaugh as there were too many contradictions by Dr. Ford combined with the absence of provable facts and too little actual investigable information: don’t know where, don’t know when don’t know how. Seems basic to me but not to Democrats in the Senate.

Democrats want to push this past the mid-term elections, they always have, and it’s obvious.

The freighting part of this is that the Democrats are winning this battle and maybe the war as Republicans are simply rolling over and asking for their collective bellies to be rubbed; with the especial notable exceptions of Senators Grassley, Graham, Cornyn Cruz, and Kennedy. Each and every Democratic Senator, during last weeks’ circus show, demanded a new FBI investigation; every one. Jeff Flake gave it to them. Perhaps he was hypnotized by the repetition, I’m told that can happen to folks who aren’t too very smart. We learn that Democrats were depending on Flake all along, we learn from Senator Chris Coons, Flakes “friend”; who was near to tears when Flake voted yes to send the nomination to the floor of the Senate.

Senator Flake admitted on 60 Minutes that if he was running for reelection he would have never done what he did! So there is no essential moral center to Flake unless he’s not running for office. Shocking I say, politicians with no moral center.

Flake was warned by Senator Lindsey Graham as to what would happen if he, Flake, killed the Kavanaugh nomination. It happened, Flake legitimized the ongoing lynching of Brett Kavanaugh and set the conditions for more and more and more of the same. If Americans give Democrats either house of Congress we’re in for a rough ride for the next two years. There will be more investigations on Capitol Hill then there are lies on Capitol Hill if you can imagine that!

The material question will be; “are Americans, writ large, willing to be duped like Senator Flake has been? Do Americans think this is the way a Democracy should go about its business? Is this manner of lynching okay? Do we say no the ongoing evolution of the politics of personal destruction? Will there be a backlash? Will Americans see this as an opportunity to say no the radical Left?

Six weeks from now we’ll know.