What We Know From Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony

We still don’t know how Dr. Ford got to the “party,” we don’t know who told her about it; we don’t know how she got home, we don’t know who paid for her polygraph, we don’t know where the assault happened, we don’t know when it happened. There is a lot we did not know coming into the day and most of that remains unknown. We know that a forensic interview designed to assist Dr. Ford with her recollections was not engaged; lawyers and a polygraph were. We don’t know if the polygraph taken in the context of Dr. Ford being in Delaware due to the death of a grandmother created an emotional condition that would affect a polygraph. We don’t know if it was filmed. We don’t know what the documentation of the polygraph looks like.

We do know Dr. Ford has no doubt it was Judge Kavanaugh. We do know that the people Dr. Ford has named don’t corroborate her version of events. We know Dr. Ford, individually and in a couples setting was involved in a significant amount of psychological therapy. We know her Lawyer Ms. Katz was recommended by Senator Feinstein. We know that Senator Feinstein was likely in the middle of leaking Dr. Ford’s letter; we know that Senator Feinstein did not share the letter with the Judiciary Committee, therefore, foreclosing an investigation in the normal order of committee business. We know there is no actual evidence in support of Dr. Ford’s recollection of events.

We may surmise that Dr. Ford was a pawn in the D.C. political game, we may surmise that this was a setup from day one and that Senator Feinstein never actually wanted an FBI investigation, she wanted an FBI delay.

It is not at all difficult to be left with the opinion that something did indeed happen to Dr. Ford. Dr. Ford is in all likelihood a nice woman, good wife, and mother, a good friend. But if the accusation equals guilt we’re in a very dangerous place.