Kavanaugh Blood Sport

The title to this missive was written prior to Judge Kavanagh’s testimony in the expectation that Democrats on the Judiciary Committee would engage in political Blood Sport! I expect to be proven accurate.

Judge Kavanaugh was clearly emotional, frustrated and angry and engaged in a dramatic narrative that is, unfortunately, accurate; he knows exactly what is happening to him and he called out the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee specifically for the whirlwind that they released, he called it out, item by item. In speaking of his daughter suggesting prayers for Dr. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh broke down, clearly emotional, angry and frustrated at the character assassination.

Kavanaugh described the process as a “national disgrace; you’ve replaced advise and consent with search and destroy.” Judge Kavanaugh made it clear that while the committee may not confirm him he would refuse to quit.

Judge Kavanaugh, anticipating questions, addressed shallow questions regarding his calendars. Why calendars, he was following in his father’s footsteps of keeping a calendar as a sort of diary. He answered the beer question that was sure to come and repeatedly denied the allegation by Dr. Ford. He also addressed the question about yearbook comments about “alumnus” intended as a connection between friends.

The obvious emotion, the obvious struggle to control that emotion stands in stark contrast to Dr. Ford’s giggling about her coffee.

Feinstein is still on the “why not the FBI” track and failed to elicit anything of value. She was weak and seemed, in the context of Kavanagh’s opening statement reluctant to press Judge Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh fought back against Feinstein and did so directly and with a tinge of dismissal; exactly what she deserves.

Senator Leahy, the poster child for term limits, hits an obscure book written by Mark Judge in reference to the “drinking” issue. Kavanaugh in response to a question about his yearbook entry attempted to answer and ended by saying that if we’re going to judge Supreme Court nominations by high school yearbook entries we’ve “reached a new low.” Kavanaugh is combative and he has established the fact that he’s not going to sit and take it.

Now comes Senator Durbin. More FBI, attempting to get Kavanaugh to agree to additional delay; asking him to turn to Don McGahn and ask him to stop the nomination process; more theatrics in that attempt. Senator Grassley interrupted the attempt to reestablish the committee’s process.

Senator Graham took his time back to castigate the Democrats on the committee with as much passion as Judge Kavanaugh had.

Now come Sheldon Whitehouse and back to the yearbook and the possibility of consuming too much beer. Kavanaugh is beating down Whitehouse’s attempt to find something, anything on him during his high school days.

I could be proven delightfully wrong, Democratic attempts at that blood sport has, so far, fallen flat.

Amy Klobuchar is up next and we’re back to the FBI, still not working. And………..we’re back to drinking and memory lapse and freshman roommates that didn’t get along. No blood, but Spartacus is yet to come!

Now comes Senator Coons, he of the idea that the accused should provide proof of innocence; some lawyer he! And, we’re back to drinking. And, we’re back to the college roommate; repetition is not getting it done, not even close. And, we’re back to the FBI.

Dear reader, I am time limited today and might have to miss Spartacus and Senator Kamala Harris but if you’ve read this so far you know what is to come.