9/11: Remember if You Can

Remember if you can how you felt 17 years ago. Remember how angry you were. Remember how confused you were. Remember how your blood boiled. Remember how the people around you were suddenly much more important than they had been on September 10th. Remember the calls you tried to make to check on those who might have been in harm’s way. Remember the calls you received checking on you.

Remember that for a little while we were united by tragedy and how that felt. Remember that for a while we were kinder, we were supportive of those around us. Remember how you felt the need to contribute, somehow to something.

Remember the acute sense of loss; the absolute horror at the images as we watched the disaster unfold in real time. Remember how difficult it was to put into words.

Remember how you yearned for justice to be delivered to the perpetrators. Remember how the world changed, right before our eyes.

Remember, if you can.

If you can’t we are the weaker for your failure and doomed to repetition.