Kavanaugh Day Three: Empty Opposition

Surprise! Day three and we’re still complaining and whining about documents that we need in support of the no vote that we announced the same day Judge Kavanaugh was announced as the nominee.

Senator Kamala Harris is very upset, wishing she had violated the Senate and Committee rules about confidential documents like Cory Booker did. Booker goes to first place on the resistance hero list and likely to last place on the “we can trust his word” list as he freely admitted that he knowingly released confidential documents that by his membership on that committee he had agreed not to release. He justified it as civil disobedience.

The details of the third day of hearings are somewhat meaningless as it is; another surprise, more of the same. Intimations absent proof that Judge Kavanaugh spoke to the wrong person, or was involved with someone who stole documents years and years ago or that he might have expressed an opinion about Robert Mueller’s investigation. Kamala Harris spent nearly eight minutes on questions about Robert Mueller when, finally, Judge Kavanaugh reminded her that he served in the Bush Administration at the same time Mueller did. “Boy, you really trapped him that time.” Same with Senator Leahy and the stolen e-mails he’s been circling around for the past two days.

And of course, we need more documents.

Republicans have done their best to follow up with rehabilitative questioning to rebut any number of circus acts when there should not have been a need to rehabilitate. When Judge Kavanaugh was actually allowed to answer in depth his grasp of the law is impressive. When Kavanaugh is allowed to answer he grows larger and some of our esteemed Senators’ appear to shrink. The attempts at trapping Kavanaugh are not going well as he clearly knows not only the law but the context in place that surrounds the law.

This is almost over and it has been excruciating, as Senator Graham pointed out today there really was no doubt about the outcome. The opposition had only that, opposition and, of course, the demand for more documents they would not read unless some bleary eyes staffer thought they had found a trap. In the end, regarding the opposition there simply was no there, there. Your humble servant predicted exactly that here at You Decide Politics on July 7th:

“Coach K will outwit them on the law (not difficult if you recall the Gorsuch hearings), out class them with his behavior (also not difficult) and likely leave them stumbling to find that piece of paper with the talking points on it as they discover that Coach K has a bullet proof vest made out of intellectual superiority and class. Coach K will demonstrate a calm, confident, generous demeanor versus the histrionics of Democrat Senators as they attempt to make the case that ‘we’re all going to die’.”

I must also apologize to Clowns for yesterday’s post. Characterizing Senators as clowns is horrifically unfair to clowns.