Kavanaugh Day Two: Dinosaurs and Clown Cars

I would love to be able to comment on the serious and inquisitive SCOTUS hearing for Judge Kavanaugh. I would love to be able to compliment Democrats on their maturity, knowledge and incisive questioning aimed at nothing other than an honest appraisal of Judge Kavanaugh. I would love to, but I can’t.

I reel between two images: Jurassic Park and Clown Cars. Senators Feinstein, Leahy, Grassley, Hatch have been with us too long and approach Dinosaur status with Senator Feinstein looking to be reelected and Senator Hatch on the verge of calling it quits.

The Clown Car has the front seat filled with 2020 aspirants; Senators Booker and Harris. The back seat is full up with Senators Hirono, Durbin, Whitehouse, along with ‘I read all the documents’ Klobuchar (demonstrably impossible) and ‘sure I fought in Vietnam’ Blumenthal; that’s half of the committee.

Senator Leahy is an excellent argument for term limits. Yes Virginia, we’re still whining about documents and he’s referring to ‘documents’ that seem to reference issues from 20 and 12 years ago and vaguely intimate Judge Kavanaugh was somehow involved in the theft of documents from Senator Leahy 20 years ago. If we could only have more documents!

The dinosaurs seem to be having a bit of discomfort trying to play their part in appeasing the Progressive and radicalized Left, as the clowns overplay their hand. We can always count on Senator Booker, I paraphrase; “I reject Constitutional originalism because the founders were flawed and misogynistic” or something. That phrase followed Booker calling the founders “geniuses”. Sure I can have it both ways.

When they get out of the hearing today they would do well to get over to Senator Schumer’s office where then can get a copy of a letter 13 Left-wing groups sent to the good Senator. “The Supreme Court is on the line, and you are failing us.” The 13 Progressive groups include: DailyKos, Demand Progress, Democracy for America and the Women’s March. At least two of these groups are funded by George Soros and/or his shadow organizations. There are 206 known organizations on the Left funded by Soros.

They’ve told Senator Schumer that they expect nothing less than all out resistance. They also stated that “they understand the stakes of this Supreme Court fight. They know that we can win but only if you lead.”

But wait, no! Chuck did what he could he organized the conference call that apparently resulted in the execution and empowerment of 68 interruptions, Senator Durbin admitted it. One of the Progressive minions was caught paying off the “protesters”. The Handmaiden Tale protesters are actually led by the head of Antifa in D.C.; Lacy MacAuley.

Perhaps Senator Schumer is disappointed at the ingrates behind the letter. Perhaps Senator Schumer should realize that when it comes to the Progressive Left; enough is never enough. The anger never quails, no issue is ever resolved, and it’s never good enough. Live and learn Chuck.

Chuck and his minions apparently have a taste for fighting battles they can’t win to demonstrate their fealty to a significant minority of the body politic, or something! They apparently believe that 20% of the population can elect them President Booker or President Harris or President Warren, etc.

Keep it up; lots of folks are scared of clowns!