Day One: Painful Kavanaugh Confirmation Begins

One hardly knows how to characterize what is going on in the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. Senate; oh no, wait; I’ve got it, badly constructed street theater and that’s not the protesters, that’s the Senators. Of the many things under attack today is the Senate’s long traditions of civility.

Look up Senator Ben Sasse’s opening statement. He nails the problem and challenges his colleagues to do their jobs. He identifies one of the foundational problems with the body politic and the manner in which the legislature has failed in their Constitutional duty and continues to do so resulting in the expectation that the “courts” will fix the shortcomings.

As I tune in after a bit of a break a Senator who lied about they’re military service is pontificating about ethics and values. Painful!

Democratic Senators are, with nearly one voice, complaining about non relative documents that they demanded as one of their tactics to delay the hearing. These same Senators who got together over the weekend to organize disruption, disrespect and dysfunction as the hearing opened. Senator Durbin admitted to it.

Not only do Democratic Senators want more documents, Senator Blumenthal wants them routed through the bureaucracy before the additional documents even get to the Senate where they currently reside. Senator Blumenthal knows to a certainty that once the deep state bureaucracy gets involved we might get around to a hearing sometime next year.

As this is opening statement date, it’s hard to watch. The preening, the inaccuracy diligently repeated time and time again. Perhaps it is difficult to watch because the Democrat Senators announced their decision to vote against Judge Kavanaugh concomitant with the announcement of his nomination.

It is difficult to watch a gentleman such as Judge Kavanaugh suffer insults and mischaracterizations for which there will be no direct accountability. The ‘big lie’ is repeated by every other speaker on the committee. The long list of praise for his work and for him as an individual, as a friend as a family man, as a boss, from both sides of the political divide is ignored by those selfsame every other speakers.

Senator Sasse pointed out that we went off the rails a long time ago in terms of hearings for Supreme Court. It happened starting with Judge Bork and we’ve never gotten back on track, at least when it comes to Republican nominees.

Oh, the call for more documents continues with Senator Booker, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. He actually said he realized he already announced his vote in opposition to Judge Kavanagh but “he owes it to the people of New Jersey to review all the documents”; really? He’s also now into dance hands and could break out in tears at any moment. We’ve seen this movie before and now we’re seeing it over and over again. Senator Booker even managed to get the ‘Russians’ into his statement along with the well-established set of Progressive talking points. In fact it seemed more like a campaign speech, long on manufactured sincerity and short on actual facts. Should things not work out for Senator Booker, Hollywood is an option.

I’ve probably, at this point, heard about all I can handle for one day knowing full well it gets worse from here and Senator Kamala Harris is next up for the flogging. Part of the problem is that for all of the histrionics, finger pointing, disinformation and struggle to make this hearing appear to be serious and relevant, it’s just about abortion!