Odds Makers Bet on Trump Despite Media Narrative

Last week the media watchers began to count the number of times the word impeachment was used on the anti-Trump media outlets on a daily basis. CNN and MSNBC said impeachment 222 times in one day! If you assume an 18 hour day that’s over 12 times an hour, They were so excited! This is it! Trump is done! We know we’ve declared that Trump is done dozens of times before, but this time it’s for real; you just wait and see, he’s out of there. We just have to wait a few days until the polls come out that will show collapsed support for Trump rendering him politically impotent.

But, wait ……Nooooooooooooooooo!

How could it be? Apparently according to recent polling the public has not come to the same conclusion as NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the collection of useful MSM idiots. Support for Trump remains either steady or declines only within the margin of error. Manafort, Cohen, Cohen, Manafort; the public is simply not connecting the same series of dots the media is connecting and, appear to refuse to be swayed by a media that is no longer trusted. The headline referred to Trump’s numbers as “remarkably stable.” The WSJ/NBC poll took two bites at the apple, the week before Trump was at record high in this poll, 46%, that number following the “separation” issues at the border that were also practiced by Obama. Pretty healthy considering the torrent of false stories and misrepresentation of the timing of the photos and graphics associated with the story, also from the Obama era.

After the Cohen/Manafort; “this is the one that gets him” week the number only dropped 2 points meaning that the number dropped within the margin of error; hmmmmm?

Rasmussen has the President at 46%. It is somewhat, if not considerably amazing that after a year and a half of the constant drumbeat of negativity President Trump is at the same approval rating that President Obama had at this point in his Presidency as Obama enjoyed substantial support and “selective editing” by the media in his favor.

We have to wonder about media impact. Attack President Trump day in and day out: 46% approval. Support President Obama, 46% approval. Add to that the change in Black approval of the President within the context of the constant, virulent and unrelenting charges of racism. People who know racism best either don’t believe it or don’t care as their personal economic conditions improve along with an aggressively improving economy. An economy that the Atlanta Fed says will grow by 4.7% in the third quarter with no sign of inflation orientated overheating.

But considering the abysmal polling performance in 2016 perhaps we go to alternative sources; Legal Political betting on line. They have Trump far and away the favorite, next in line is Michelle Obama at 4 times the long shot odds. The rest of the contenders are way behind. Just saying!

The media should be asking themselves how they could have fallen so far. Out here in the hinterlands we know why. The news gets edited to favor a point of view; false reporting bears no accountability and occurs on an all too frequent basis. Jim Scuitto, CNN got caught twice reporting fake news last week alone. Kyle Griffin a producer at MSNBC reported that a 17 year old hacked a state election web site to the point of changing vote totals; totally false. If we don’t trust media reporting why on earth would we trust their polling?

In odds makers we trust!