Democrats Keeping it Old, White and Wealthy for 2020

We all should have learned our lessons about polling based on the last election cycle. We know that a significant number of polls are aimed at changing electoral behavior more so than representing a fair snap shot of the electorate. But there are times when it’s just too irresistible and you’ve just got to have a little fun with the nonsense.

Politico’s Morning Consult poll has a “if they ran against Trump today” poll anticipating the 2020 election in advance of the 2018 election.

The most interesting thing about the poll is what’s missing; there is no mention of Hillary Clinton. That’s right; zip, zero, nada, nyet (nyet, because there could be Russians involved), not a pants suit on the horizon.

The results, you ask? On Election Day then 78 year old Bernie Sanders becomes the next President of the United States and beats Trump by 12 points. America decides that an aging Socialist in the White House is the way to go. There were, however, 24% of those polled undecided, which, by the way, is the lowest undecided number in the poll.

In second place we have 79 year old “Uncle Joe Biden.” Uncle Joe beats Trump by 12 points as well but the undecideds go up to 26%.
So the front runners to take the Democratic Party in a new direction are a pair of old white men which the Progressive base is constantly telling us are the foundation of all their problems. And, oh by the way, they are both wealthy; another fundamental problem on the Left.

As a blunt to the likelihood that an old, white, wealthy guy becomes the nominee and is viewed negatively by the base, people over 50 have the highest voter turnout rate, just saying. You know, it’s that aging population thing, but millennials are on the demographic move as older voters face a degree of disappearance due to death.

You have to stop and think about that one; millennials on the march, the country in the hands of millennials; whoa!

Fauxcahontas comes in third beating Trump by 4 points with 36% undecided. On Election Day, she’ll be 71. But really, 36% of you are undecided on Elizabeth Warren? Love to have you all to a party, see what we can come up with after a couple of drinks.

The remaining eight “races” all have Trump as the winner as the undecideds in each hovers a bit below or above 50%. The losers are: Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Andrew Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, Eric Holder, Michael Avenatti (really?), Steve Bullock and John Delaney.

What do all those undecideds mean? It could mean that given the choices in front of them those polled were simply not thrilled with their choices on the Democratic side. Seriously, Bernie is not going to become President. I doubt that America is ready for any more Socialism than it already has. Joe Biden has enough baggage to fill an antique steamer trunk and the more Elizabeth Warren exposes herself to the public the worse it’s going to get for her. A few more interviews like the one she gave regarding Mollie Tibbetts where she seemed more concerned for illegals than for Mollie. Careful there Fauxcahontas; you appear to be showing your true colors; bad juju for politicians who need moderates.

Yes, yes, I know; it’s hard finding the key to satisfying disparate groups of voters and keeping track of the lies and falsehoods. Senator Warren it’s just like getting to Carnegie Hall; practice, practice, practice you might even get good at it.

Cory, Kamala, Andrew and Kirsten must be apoplectic as they can’t crack 30%. “Hey, we’ve done everything we could to let you know we’re available to be your next President; where are you, you adoring masses?”

Eric Holder can’t crack 25% just 5 points ahead of Michael Avanetti at 20%. Eric, does this tell you anything? It tells me that if the creepy porn lawyer is on the map at all and is just behind you, Democrats have a serious problem on their hands. Granted he’s in 9th place but really even at that you must have your head in your hands wondering where it all went so wrong.

Gov. Bullock and Rep Delaney are relative unknowns and therefor undeserving of your humble servants snark, at least for now.

I’m going to keep a paper copy of this poll, could be fun down the road.