Complaining, Whining, Pitching a Fit!

It always appeared to me that all of that Social Justice, fascist, sexist, racist micro-aggression, gender confusion anger must be exhausting and yet, it seems to be getting worse. I come to find out that it’s much more than that according to Dr. Norman Doide, a psychiatrist, Dr. Rick Hanson, a neuroscientist and Margret Wehrenberg ,a licensed psychologist; published authors all, in regards to how the brain works and the potential for self-healing.

Which brings us to “neuroplasticity”; neuroplasticity is a process whereby the brain can change or create new neural nets based on bias, behavior and the degree to which you engage in “rumination” and yet fail to come to intellectual closure or a behavioral adaptation. There is a negativity bias in the brain that creates stronger neural nets than positivity does and that the “woe is me” reaction becomes almost automatic to those who engage in too much complaining, whining and ruminating resulting in a fundamentally negative world view. That behavior stands the potential of creating a knee jerk reaction, toward negativity. In that case it becomes particularly difficult to switch to another perspective as a method to get to rumination closure; a fancy way to say it’s broke, fix it. The failure to do so often results in anxiety and depression. The one year of Trump in office anniversary protest that resulted in screaming at the sky is not a recognized treatment option.

All of that meaning, if you’re suffering from the ”woe is me” negativity bias (yes, social justice warriors, we’re thinking about your health and well-being) you could also be depressed and the cure is; wait for it, adopt a positive outlook on life! The formula to reprogram your brain is straightforward. One, stop blaming others for your problems. Two; stop fixating on micro-aggressions and minor slights and finally, seek out people and activities that generate a greater level of positivity and contentment.

In other words; don’t come onto the streets with clubs, masks and intent to violence. Don’t automatically assume that anyone who disagrees with you is: sexist, agist, racist, misogynistic, toxic by virtue of gender, homophobic, trans phobic; well you get the point.

You, in the interest of healing, might want to actually agree with yourself that it actually is yourself that is yourselves’ biggest problem. That would, of course, require changes in thinking and behavior.

Get a pet, get a hobby, listen to soothing music and tell yourself how lucky you are to be alive in America where you can get great advice like this. Take up a new mantra; “social justice begins at home.” Watch Gandhi, the movie, you know, that one about non-violence.

Post a copy of the Desiderata by Max Ehrmann next to every place you sit down and on your bathroom mirror.

If all of that doesn’t work I’m investing in eye shades and sound cancelling headphones.

The Desiderata can be found here; find it!