Randomizing: Volume 1, Number 3

In the “never give up the con” department. Senator Schumer is going to sue to procure documents that have no bearing on Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial record. What we can be assured of is that not a single Senator will read those extra documents and that they will not change the “No” vote they announced within minutes of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination having had no documents at the time of the “we’ll vote no announcement.” This is your leadership class in the U.S. Senate. What’s that you say? Congress has low approval ratings?

Wait, what? John Brennan is screaming about his free speech rights, conflating them with the privilege of a security clearance. If Brennan’s free speech is being attacked how is it that he’s well … still speaking?

Time to wake up department! Turkey has been, under President Erdogan inexorably sliding into the realm of a dictatorial Islamist state. Not Islamic, it has been that for Centuries, but Islamist adopting a particular world view consistent with other radicalized Islamist states. In 2011, Erdogan at a panel in Chicago not only rejected the term Islamic terrorism but opined that there was no moderate or radical Islam there was only Islam. In Erdogan’s Turkey, journalists and dissenters are jailed as are American pastors. Erdogan has managed to acquire new constitutional powers at every turn and has spit in the eye of his American Ally too frequently to be ignored going back to the refusal to allow American troops and equipment to move through Turkish territory severely compromising the logistical plan and likely costing lives as America’s natural allies were in the Iraqi north. Turkey and Iran share the same goal; hegemonic influence in the Middle East. Erdogan is a bad actor and Turkey should not be in NATO; this is not 1965.

You can’t make this up. Venezuela will stop hyper-inflation in its tracks by cutting five zeros off its currency. Who knew it could be that easy? I wonder, could I just add five zeros to my dollars and be rich?

Well Played! Go Gov go! Andrew Cuomo is getting it from all sides, Progressives and Conservatives alike, over saying America was never great or, according to Cynthia Nixon, trying and failing to sound like a Progressive. The GOP tried to help the Governor out a bit. They bought him a one way ticket to Canada; a bus ticket. Well played!

Sorry at the passing of Aretha Franklin, great artist.

Warning Will Robinson! CNN wants a legal finding that will unseal and release names of jurors. CNN is excited as the Judge said a hearing would go forward because; “a thirsty press is essential to a free country.” You may well be subjected to violence for simply disagreeing with groups such as Antifa just imagine what they might do to jurors who decide against their interests? This is the same CNN that attacked an elderly Trump supporter attempting to connect her to Russian collusion … or something.

Peace, out!