Living With Our Hair On Fire

A Liberal, whom I love dearly, began our conversation with a story about a young girl held in a DHS detention facility that died in custody. I listened without response as she was angry and I was disappointed that it happened. She was trying to make a point, I expected her to do so but there is only one problem. It didn’t happen, there was no little girl dying in custody despite Morning Joe reporting the story with the comment that it was unconfirmed. Gosh, I think unconfirmed means don’t go with the story, just saying!

Ladies and gentleman, if we’re going to continue to set our hair on fire at each and every opportunity, at each and every unconfirmed report from a media we’re going to be very busy. The media might want to focus on a poll that indicates only 6% of people say they trust the media. A Gallup poll has the media not trusted by 68% of those polled. Politifact reports that the media has a lower approval rate than Congress; didn’t think that was possible but there you have it. But wait, it get’s worse; a plurality, 42%, say the media is “immoral.” According to Pew Research that’s a record. We’re headed for an ever more rocky road ahead where everything, every day, hour by hour hair on fire, ”it goes to 11,” “we’re all going to die,” the end of days has arrived because Trump sent out another tweet.

Contributing to the ‘hair on fire’ mentality are the “isms”. I’m trying to think of a way to personally avoid the charge of an “ism” and it’s getting harder every day because it appears to be a growth industry. I find there is a fundamental difference in what we use as a basis for the definition of whatever “ism” is up next and therein lies the problem, we can’t agree on definitions. For instance I don’t consider myself a racist but many do for no other reason than the accident of my birth. See, different definitions.

We use to have just a few “isms” but now by comparison, we have the Disney World of “isms”. “Isms” to the left of me “isms” to the right of me and here I am stuck in the middle with you. “Isms” shut you down when the opposing argument is a loser; “no I can’t come up with any facts to justify a Socialist economy; “you’re a racist!”

Oh, and let’s not forget “phobias”. “Phobic” has enjoyed a similar growth profile to “isms”. Phobic is cool because if you have a phobia it is, by definition, and by its nature irrational; there does not have to be a good reason for your phobia. I’m afraid of heights; I also never fell off a ladder to motivate that fear; see how that works. The absence of the need for a good reason could catapult “phobic” ahead of “isms”.

Transphobia is one of the newer accusatory phobias. I’m not sure what there is to be afraid of. Women claiming to be men and men claiming to be women does not motivate irrational fear in me. But generally speaking the Progressive left loves the phobia thing because by definition it doesn’t need a reason and it’s irrational!

When it comes to hair on fire, let us not forget the sentinels who stand on the ramparts as the early warning system, for: social, sexual, cultural, racial, ethnic, ageist, and LGBTQ (53 varieties at last count) micro-aggressions. All hail these soldiers in the war against micro-aggressions. It’s hard because in many cases the micro is so micro as to not be seen by 80-85% of the population outside of the academic world and the Progressive movement. Bless your heart.

Micro can be so micro that an explanation is required as to what they are, why they are and why they are critically important to your daily life as perceived by academia and they’re attempt to define your life. At this point a vast majority of the population is engaged in a massive, collective; micro what, huh??? “Please, please, I’ll say anything you want; just let me out of the micro-aggressions, “isms” phobia “workshop”.

Being let out of the “workshop” is not as simple as it seems. You have to fight your way out. The “workshop” is at least 25% of the population, four major broadcast networks, two cable news networks, the N.Y. Times, the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, L.A. Times as well as a majority of the remaining legacy media and its outcroppings. There is a reason why people don’t trust the media; the “hair on fire baby girl dying” story is the latest example. Was that story a micro-aggression against my sensibilities, someone, anyone; Bueller? Anyone?

There are things we should have our hair on fire about: economic freedom, spending, debt, federal overreach, federalism, free speech, protection of faith communities etc. But no, we’re stuck in a “workshop” being taught that accidentally mis-gendering someone should be a crime. There does seem to be some form of twisted logic here that says if giving someone a plastic straw can result in six months in jail; mis-gendering should be a class one felony.