Democrats Hysterically Predict Certain Death From Judge Kavanaugh

The left is unhinged; again! Once again, there is a lot of screaming, heck, they’re even screaming down their own political leaders who are also screaming. It’s like being trapped half way through your dinner by a screaming child who won’t stop and whose parents appear to be unable to do anything about it because they let discipline get away from them long ago.

Democrats, appear to be insisting on exposing themselves as screaming, hyperbolic, mindless ideologues intent on caving in to the Progressive base. Nothing will stop them. Nothing should stop them. Please, I’m begging you keep it up. Because across America, Americans love being screamed at and accused of all manner of sins that they have nothing to do with. Yea, we love that, don’t ever stop.

For those few of you not killed off by net neutrality, the tax bill, Dodd/Frank revisions or the decline of ObamaCare, Judge Kavanaugh’s ascent to the Supreme Court will surely do you in. At least Terry McAuliffe thinks millions will be in jeopardy; Terry, do you mean in addition to the abortions?

It’s Judge Kavanaugh today but you can be assured there will always be something to scream about and sober consideration is an unacceptable option proven by the Woman’s March press release that was prepared in advance but, oops; someone forgot to plug Judge Kavanaugh’s name in the “insert name here” space. You can’t make it up and thanks to our Leftist friends we don’t have to; they have it covered, further proof found in the tweet from @TheDemocrats that has the wrong picture in their knee jerk tweet about Judge Kavanaugh, the picture was Judge Hardiman; oopsies again.

And then we have Senator Durbin who has said to, not three or four as is typically reported, but ten red state Democrats up for re-election; that they should take a chance on losing their seats to defeat Kavanaugh. Great thinker Durbin is; great strategist who would rather defeat a nomination that results in a larger Republican majority in the Senate and would then easily approve a re-nomination of Kavanaugh? Senator Durbin holds the number two leadership position behind Chuck Schumer, a gift from above.

Ben Shapiro makes a good, well researched case for Judge Kavanaugh being committed to ‘incrementalism’ and argues that Kavanaugh is orientated to carefully crafted, narrow decisions and would be unlikely to do much more than take small bites out of prior rulings such as Roe as opposed to overturning such landmark decisions, regardless of how flawed they may be.

So here’s what happens. Judge Kavanaugh, or as his teams call him, ‘Coach K’. is already superlatively well prepared on the legal issues, he knows what’s coming, he knows what the Democrat Senatorial Star Chamber will attempt to do to him focusing on Presidential accountability and Roe v. Wade. He is likely smart enough not to fire all of his rhetorical ammunition during the one on one meeting with Senators. What will also occur and has begun to occur already are people speaking up about his character and commitment to his family, community and faith; yes even liberal Democrats. I predict that there will be no ghosts in the closet despite the ongoing efforts to find them.

I can hardly wait for the public hearing on Kavanaugh’s nomination and the breathless pursuit of something, anything that might disqualify Judge Kavanaugh. Senators Blumenthal, Harris, Booker, Warren and Feinstein to name a few will summon up all of the righteous indignation and tricky questions they can muster. For Booker, Harris and Warren this could be a notch in their Presidential belt. Coach K will outwit them on the law (not difficult if you recall the Gorsuch hearings), out class them with his behavior (also not difficult) and likely leave them stumbling to find that piece of paper with the talking points on it as they discover that Coach K has a bullet-proof vest made out of intellectual superiority and class. Coach K will demonstrate a calm, confident, generous demeanor versus the histrionics of Democrat Senators as they attempt to make the case that ‘we’re all going to die.’ Based on the Gorsuch hearings our Democrat Senators will bring a pair of nail clippers to a knife fight, but at least it will be a loud, self-righteous set of clippers. Democrat Senators are going to need a safe space when Coach K finishes with them.

Democrats should face a reality and that reality is that Progressive America represents about 20% of the population. The inability or unwillingness of leadership to move the Democrat Party to a center/left posture is, for the moment, an absolute. It’s an absolute that nearly guarantees failure after failure.

Keep it up you crazy kids!