Democrat Protesting Has Lost All Impact

With all due respect to my moderate Democrat friends, your Progressive wing and it’s dominating voice is wearing me out. Occupy Wall Street, La Raza, Antifa, Fascists, racists, Nazis, impeachment, Democratic Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, profanity, shout downs, die-ins, sit-ins, guns, NRA, immigration, eliminate ICE, anti-Cop, anti-borders, claims of phantom genocide, calls for eradicating history, harassment based on political orientation and, of course, Trump, Trump, Trump. The literally hundreds of Progressive groups have a seemingly fear-based strangle hold on the Democrat party which appears to dare not oppose them.

If you can’t call out Antifa violence, your party has a problem; if you can’t modify the rhetoric of oh, I don’t know, Maxine Waters, your party has a problem. If you’ve put yourself in the position of having Representatives Waters and Pelosi as the face of your party, you’ve really got a problem.

We’ve seen a stampede of, what used to be, the Democrat establishment, attempt to satisfy the hard Leftist base. Or even more disturbing hard Left ideology was what establishment Democrats truly thought the entire time, but knew they would lose any electoral traction were they to tell the truth regarding their actual orientation. Democrats, above all others, should know that the Progressive base of the Democrat Party will never be satisfied and they will never be anything but mindlessly and aggressively angry. Tom Perez, Chairman of the DNC says that the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a “Democratic Socialist,” is the future of the Democrat party; even though they seem to be having a hard time explaining the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism. Democratic Socialism is where the Democrats are heading just two years after the Democrats attempted to rig the primary election against Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Socialist. Anyone remember Bernie, anyone, Bueller?

You’re wearing me out, I can’t keep up so I’ve decided not to try any more. Any chance that any part of your message might have an impact on my thinking is over. It’s not that I’m closed minded, I’m just worn out and tired of being screamed at and accused of ‘isms’ by people who don’t know me. The unhappy, perpetually angry, non-organic protesters with the nationally distributed talking points and chants are, well; boring and remain exceedingly unattractive. The automatic appearance of professionally printed protest signs, seemingly on a moment’s notice and the ‘just in time’ arrival of the white buses gives lie to the contention of organic organizing unless you think George Soros is an organic gardener.

The vitriol, the screaming, and the artificial production of facts; the assumption that our protesters actually can read the minds of those they oppose. That they alone know what’s in the hearts and minds of others; they can determine the “true” motivations of those in opposition. Really? The constant stream of made up stuff presented as facts is exhausting.

It appears that in an electoral sense Democrats have learned nothing. All of the vitriol and screaming works in New York, Boston, Portland, Chicago and San Francisco, but the electoral majorities are at least put off and at best totally disgusted with Progressive approaches to political discourse.

No less a figure than President Obama has advised Democrats to stop whining and find a message but what message is there to find? The hard Left is quite literally out of control and the Democratic establishment either has no intention or remains incapable of getting them in line. Maxine Waters is attacking Senate Minority Leader Schumer as, apparently, attacking Trump is just not enough for Aunty Maxie. Mainstream Democrats have promised to rescind the tax cuts that have the FED projecting 4.5% economic growth in the 2nd quarter with no serious inflation fears; border arrests are down, unemployment is at near record lows, and the opportunity to achieve denuclearization of North Korea is on the table.

Corporate and consumer confidence is at its highest level since 2001 despite a small dip in June. Capital spending continues to grow. And the better we do, the more screaming we have to endure. The better we do the more unhappy the Left becomes.

“Impeach 45.” “Impeach 45.” “Impeach 45.” If only I had the wig.