The Irate, Tireless Minority Drives Civil Unrest

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”Samuel Adams

Were you to substitute the word “freedom” with “anarchy” or “artificial discontent” you would have today’s version of his quotation.

Sam Adams was perhaps the most revolutionary of the revolutionaries who were intent on founding a nation accountable to its people; self-governance. Today, we fail to relate to and understand what a revolutionary idea that was at the time. We lose the context of our history in pursuit of treating each exception, each human failing, and each error in judgment and, in some cases, no more than the expression of an opinion as a cause celeb to be protested, exercised, marched on, dehumanized and legislated. No issue too small to send us reeling to acquisitions of fascism or Nazism or some other “ism” that allows small minds to attach labels to what they fail to know or understand.

We aren’t attacking ideas anymore we’re attacking people. Civility as a value appears to be fading away. Your political views are taken by those in opposition as justification for throwing you out of restaurants, attacking peaceful gatherings, threatening your children, threatening your life, blocking your ability to get to where you want to go or inhibiting your ability to engage your life as you wish.

Your freedoms are being attacked, not by Russia, your freedoms are being attacked by your fellow Americans.

There appears to be about 15%-20% of us who don’t want to live with the rest of us in a civil society. They are the “irate, tireless minority” intent on intimidating you to the point of quietude and apathy. To get a sense of the scope of the ‘hard and radical Left’ one need only attempt to absorb the content of The site tracks individuals and organizations committed to Leftist ideology and issue engagement: 1,554 Individuals, 1,274 organizations, 100 major funders of the aforementioned individuals and organizations, including overseas money. 100 major figures in the arts and culture category, 228 individual media figures and 88 media organizations all committed to the Leftist agenda or some part thereof.

Add to that the near total control of the educational infrastructure and a court system that appears to be more political by the day and you must come to the conclusion that the “irate, tireless minority” must be seen for what they are; bereft of new ideas, a sense of history, and the values that are attached to that history.

The Left somehow reaches the conclusion that America, that radically founded country that showed the world self-governance is possible, the country that became the engine of the global economy, that country that saved that globe from a descent into darkness, the country that for the first time in history rebuilt it’s enemies; somehow we are the problem to be solved not the success to be glorified.

The vacuous nature of the Left’s vision is demonstrated aptly by any variety of examples but the refusal to undertake the realities of history is, perhaps, the most telling. Are there black spots in American history, indeed there are. But constructing your rhetoric and the basis of your ideology by pretending America is the only guilty party is ludicrous and out of any reasonable context. Every country has their black spots: slavery, colonialism, racism, subjugation of women, religious wars and pogroms. Europe was in a near perpetual state of war for centuries; they had names like ‘the 100 years’ war’ and the ‘thirty years’ war’. That all ended with the defeat of the Nazis and Japanese in WWII and the rebuilding of Europe and Japan based on American security policy.

It was not America that was responsible for tens of millions of dead in Russia, it was from the Left, it was the Bolsheviks. It was not America responsible for tens of millions of dead in China, it was Mao and the Communists. It was not America responsible for millions of dead in Cambodia, it was the Communist, Pol Pot. Not to even detail the horrors in Africa as a result of Leftist control.

If you don’t see the trend line it’s because you refuse to see it.

If you don’t fear it to the point of rejection, you’ll deserve what comes of it. No good comes of it!