Randomizing: Volume 1, Number 2

Shocking I say, shocking! The AP deliberately conflated a story regarding abuse of migrant children in Virginia. The alleged abuse in the article mentions Trump and his policies four times but attempts to shroud the dates associated with the report. The alleged abuse occurred under the Obama administration as has the plethora of misleading pictures. The Obama administration was not mentioned in the article. Of the misleading pictures used to demonize Trump, nearly all of them occurred under President Obama’s watch.

Oh No Mr. Bill; more good news! 95.1% of manufacturers are bullish on what the future holds. 95.1% have a “positive outlook for their companies” so says the National Association of Manufacturers. The group says that this is the highest outlook number in the 20 year history of the survey. This surge of optimism is fueled by the Tax Reform bill. Optimism means fuel for the economy; happy, optimistic company owners invest capital and hire employees which generate more good news. This winning thing really is exhausting.

Hypocrisy Alert; although this is getting too easy. Claire McCaskill has taken some heat for her private jet use during her campaign when she was supposedly touring in an RV. Senator McCaskill made a campaign issue out of her opponent’s use of a private plane in 2004. Is it just me or does the hypocrisy seem to have become endemic that our politicians don’t seem to have a firm center of beliefs? Or is this just, saying anything in the moment, hoping to get away with it; consistency and intellectual integrity be damned?

The FBI’s popularity with the public has shrunk; you think? Those with a favorable opinion of the FBI has dropped 11 percentage points, however 11 points is a 21% drop since February of this year. Democrats, Republicans and Independents all contributed to the drop. The current gap between favorable and unfavorable is only 8 percentage points 43/35. It’s likely to get worse as time goes on and more revelations come to the fore. It does not appear that Christopher Wray is the kind of guy who’s capable or willing to overturn what is essentially a corporate culture.

Susan ‘I never told a lie in my life’ Rice ordered the White House Cyber Security Director, Michael Daniel to stand down as he was preparing to strike back and counter Russian election hackers. The contention that Rice issued such an order was initially made in a book I refused to buy by Michael Isikoff and David Corn; “Russian Roulette.” Why on earth, considering all of the crazed behavior we’ve seen about Russians and elections would Rice have shut it down? Was it the same concern James Comey said he had, that if they actually did something it might cast a shadow over the ‘got it in the bag’ legitimacy of Hillary’s election victory? As time goes on, it will, with absolute certainty, get higher and deeper for the players in the Obama administration.

Can’t randomize without including Nancy, in fact we could probably do an entire ‘Randomize’ all about Nancy, but I digress. Nancy has, daily, led the talking point charge against Trump’s border policies. It’s all just so horrific: children in cages, Down syndrome children separated from their mother, babies ripped out of the arms of their mothers. The attempt to bring down massive political heat on President Trump was so consistent as to be scary. The attempts to politicize the situation were based on stories and pictures from the Obama administration by and large; that of course has not stopped anyone or changed any Progressive minds. But in 2014 with President Obama in office, same conditions that Trump is being accused of Nancy pleaded not to politicize this “dazzling, sparkling array of God’s children worthy of respect.” Nancy refused to take partisan ‘bait’; said she, “it breaks your heart to waste one ounce of energy on anything other than just addressing the problem.” Immigration reform went down the tubes yesterday. No Democratic votes.