Not Holding My Breath For Deep State Accountability

The only living casualty from the Benghazi horror show was Greg Hicks, who was effectively demoted and likely sent to a desk in the basement by the boiler room. There was no direct accountability, Hillary and her State Department skated.

The Hillary e-mail situation and the associated illegal handling of secret information, as well, resulted in no one being held to any significant accountability. Granted it contributed to her losing the election but that was baked into the cake according to her team and she was going to win by a landslide.

Loretta Lynch spotted on the tarmac with Bill; no price to pay.

Top secret information sent to an unsecured computer shared by Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin. Abedin also likely lied to the FBI over what she and Hillary knew and when they knew it. No price to pay.

The Hillary State Department, the Clinton Foundation and what appears to any logical thinker to be a massive pay to play culture. So far as we know that issue has slid from view.

Uranium One, dealing with Russians, Bill’s trips to Kazakhstan with Frank Giustra and the massive contributions to the aforementioned Clinton Foundation by Giustra as Bill spread the KY for the deal’s moving parts. Giving up a significant percentage of a national security resource to a Russian led conglomerate. No shirt, no shoes, no problem.

Yes, yes, I know Comey and McCabe lost their jobs. But considering the depth of political influence, the disregard for standards, the rise of the ethically challenged there should be much more accountability than just Comey and McCabe.

Ah, but they did get General Flynn, for what appears to be absolutely nothing.

Director Wray is going establish “training” for “everyone at the FBI”. Hold on Bucko, you mean to tell me that the supposedly finest law enforcement agency on the planet needs training so they can tell right from wrong, good from evil, proper procedure from improper procedure?

Director Wray, rightly, defends his agency. “Nothing in this report impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole.” That is likely true but we weren’t concerned with the workforce as a whole we were concerned with that workforce’s leadership. Had Wray followed that statement with something along the lines of; “however, the blatant disregard for FBI procedures and ethical standards by recent leadership has impugned the reputation of the FBI, and has done severe damage to the public’s expectation of fairness and integrity.” That would have gone a long way toward public confidence that Wray was shooting straight. Whether he is that straight shooter remains to be seen. For instance, how about not leaning on the DOJ as an excuse to withhold documents requested by Congress?

Excuse me if I give in to my cynicism and predict that not a lot of heads are going to roll over this Inspector General’s report. There is no reason, in recent memory, to make what should be an automatic assumption of justice applied because we just have not seen much of it lately.

In fact it appears that just the opposite is taking place: Andrew McCabe is going to sue, Comey gets a book deal worth millions, and Hillary is on a non-stop “it’s not my fault tour,” also likely making millions. Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and the entire cast of “Hillary: The Inside Job” get to go about their business. Destroying potential physical evidence, you know, with a hammer, destroying documents that the law says you have to maintain is of no consequence to team Hillary. No consequence? No consequence? They got immunity!

Ah, but we did get General Flynn.

So, I’m not holding my breath expecting that a watershed of accountability is going to flow our way anytime soon.