The Resistance Has Lost Its Mind

Now that President Trump has positioned the U.S. to engage North Korea (NoKo), Senator Chuck Schumer and his cadre are attempting to define the U.S. negotiating positions. But that’s not what they’re really doing because if you’ve been paying attention it is almost never about what Democratic leadership says it’s about.

This is the height of hypocrisy fueled by bureaucracy. The last two Democratic Presidents were not able to 1) get NoKo to the table or 2) enforce a deal when one was made. But wait, Senator Schumer and his gang despite comprehensive Democratic failure to address this issue effectively now have all the answers.

But I digress.

What this is about is defining a set of standards, or in this case demands, so all encompassing, that should President Trump accomplish 95% of what the Democrats demand they can still contend that he failed. This is an effort to define a no win situation for the President on a critical issue. This is politics at its very worse!

But wait, there’s more. The Democrats are also demanding that Trump get tough on China. President Trump is and has been tough on China, and China believes that he is willing to get even tougher or NoKo would not be at the table at all.

It was oh such a short time ago that Democratic hair was on fire when Trump cancelled the NoKo summit, specifically associated with Kim’s trip to China, and the change in attitude that occurred after that trip. Nancy Pelosi said the cancellation was a win for Kim, although we now know that Kim didn’t see it as a win. Eliot Engel (D, NY) called the cancellation a temper tantrum. I’ll bet car dealers love working with Eliot, “I’ll never walk away from a deal,” Engle. Nancy Pelosi who, apparently, has no sense of when to just say nothing accused President Trump of legitimizing a thug.

Hang on to your hat, the hypocrisy train keeps rolling along. After all the resistance, after all of the vitriol aimed at Trump after a year and a half of Russia, Russia, Russia, after the slowdown in confirmation hearings, after all the resistance Democrats have wrought they are demanding that Trump work with them; “he must respect allies and engage closely with lawmakers.” That would be the same allies that have directed European companies not to honor U.S. sanctions against Iran; choosing Iran over the U.S., those allies? If we’re talking about South Korea and Japan they have been in the picture all along. Prime Minister Abe is in for meetings this week, the U.S. preparation team extended their stay in Korea and this was all began before anyone knew the back channel had been opened by Secretary Pompeo.

But now that Trump has gotten Kim to the negotiating table and in a position of weakness Democrats feel empowered to define the parameters of the negotiations! What? Does Democratic leadership know absolutely nothing about conducting a high level negotiation? Keeping in mind that these are the folks that gave you ObamaCare, Cash for Clunkers, a stimulus that didn’t and Dodd Frank regulations that nearly destroyed the community banking sector. I digress, but it’s hard not to!

Trump got NoKo to the table, never has so much progress been made is so short a time on an issue of this significance. Just that fact alone is a key indication that the combination of ‘maximum pressure’ sanctions and Trumpian wobbles worked. Trump has been crazy like a fox and convinced NoKo and likely China that he would engage the situation militarily if diplomacy failed to produce results. “I could be crazy, you want to find out?”

Trump and Pompeo’s efforts might have been even more effective if Democrats did the currently unthinkable and publicly supported the President and offered a unified front to Kim and to China. It would have been nice to have seen a lot less said in criticism. But that is not going to happen because the resistance has lost its mind and Senator Schumer likely sees it as a victory waiting to happen!