Media Ignores Labor Protests In Iran

Once again there is unrest in Iran, once again signs in Farsi and in English. A truckers strike, now 10 days old, has been barely reported by our MSM. So far 25 provinces and 60 cities across Iran are the core of the demonstration. Reports have both unrest and demonstrations spreading. It is in part economic as the drivers getting paid for their work is so inconsistent that perhaps a strike looks like a good deal.

We now learn also that the taxi drivers have apparently joined in the strike.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, to their credit, recognized the strike, but simply requested that the Iranian regime listen to the demands of the truckers and addressed rights taken for granted in the U.S. as somehow persuasive for the Iranian regime. One hopes they overcome their naivete soon and call for regime change.

We once again have the opportunity to support opposition to the Iranian regime, we remain hopeful that President Trump will take advantage of that opportunity as President Obama did not.

The media coverage, so far, is measly and one must wonder why. This should be a big story in so far as by design or chance a cadre of Iranians have figured out how and have the courage to try and bring the Mullahs down with an action, that while political, is essentially economic.

Godspeed to the Iranians who don’t deserve the lot they’ve been served. The antecedents to the long lived Persian Empire and in the absence of the Mullahs, a bright future.