Blue Wave Crashes To Blue Trickle

In this space, last January, we questioned whether the anticipation of an electoral Blue Wave by Democrats would be more like a Blue Trickle. Democrats were uplifted by the results of the generic ballot having refused to learn their lesson about polling from the 2016 campaign season. They were clearly beginning to measure the curtains for Speaker Pelosi’s new office.

As recently as April Democrats had a 13 point lead, by the third week in May they were 6 points behind. For the math challenged (Progressives) that’s a 19 point swing in about 5 weeks.

What explains the change of heart? Well in the first place our economy is, once again, acting like a healthy, vibrant U.S. economy. Growth is forecast to continue at about 3% although I believe we will have quarters in excess of that and most prognosticators don’t see recession or severe inflation on the horizon. There is also general agreement that Trump gets the credit for what we’re seeing in the economy.

Household income has hit an all-time high, over the past 15 months household income has risen about 3% reflecting the overall growth in the economy. After years of economic malaise optimism appears to be returning as Democrats are still hanging on to the “crumbs” position on the tax cuts and the benefits of that among other factors in play. Even adjusted for inflation household income is at a 50 year high.

Unemployment is at all-time lows, especially in minority communities, job creation overall is robust. It must be as even the Washington Post reports that Trump’s first year job numbers were “very, very good.”

On the other side of the ledger and in the context of a booming economy and despite a 50% approval rating in some polls the Democrats still want to impeach the President. They promise to reverse the tax cuts that are largely responsible for unleashing the American economy. Democrats continue to resist anything and everything associated with President Trump. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good idea or not, if it’s working or not; resist, resist, resist!

Democrats are not prepared to throw Leader Pelosi under the bus but they are prepared to strap moderate Democrats to the train tracks just in case a bus is not sufficiently weighty to kill off any sense of rationality. Democrats are clear in their effort to not insult MS-13, support Hamas over Israel and stand down when leftist thugs like ANTIFA move to stifle speech. They have nothing to say about the trend on campus to stifle free speech. They continue to insist that rifles are “military assault weapons” and that the 2nd Amendment is an anachronism as they demonstrate totalitarian instincts motivating people to want to buy more guns or their first gun. Pussy Hats, Snowflakes, protesting just about anything and everything is apparently a path to a wave of political momentum despite at least half of the country saying; “I don’t think so.”

Democrats assured us that the tax plan, net neutrality, Trump’s health care plan and revisions to Dodd Frank were Armageddon; “we’re all going to die”; literally Democrats were predicting death over policy differences. No hyperbole here! And no amount of failure appears capable of motivating a change in behavior.

The Blue Trickle is also supported by Hillary who will continue to set herself up as an important figure in the upcoming elections. Please, please continue to do what you’re doing because no one is at all sick or tired of hearing from you or being exposed to yet another reason why you lost. “Please sir, more.” Rumor has it she’ll be campaigning in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Just before the passage of the Tax Bill in December Senator Schumer was complaining that “no one was listening to him.” Perhaps that represents a new standard, we can certainly hope. If Senator Schumer falls in the woods does he make a sound?

In the “with friends like this” department virulent anti-Semite Linda Sarsour has achieved hero status on the Left; she of “you have no right to tell us we can’t kill Jews”.

The campaign ads are writing themselves.