Trump Outplays North Korea On Summit

It didn’t take overly long for North Korea (can we just call them NoKo?) to realize that their hand had been overplayed. At about 6:45PM Thursday, a matter of hours after President Trump pulled the plug on the summit, NoKo and The Rocket Man were expressing their willingness to “resolve issues.”

We should be clear; the cancellation of the summit was as much directed at China as it was at NoKo. Shortly after Kim’s state visit to China, replete with pomp and circumstance, the atmosphere changed relative to the upcoming negotiation. We learned from Secretary Pompeo that the planning meeting scheduled in Singapore saw NoKo as a no show. Add to that the public comments by NoKo this week and it becomes clear that NoKo and China were taunting President Trump in an effort to gauge a reaction and set the tone for whatever was to come. The question hung, “will you really walk away?” Answer, “yes I will.” That answer was delivered with a bit of grace leaving an opening for NoKo which they, in diplomatic time, could not get to fast enough.

Appease and ignore the insults and slights and NoKo along with China holds the whip hand, stand down, cancel the summit and the center of power returns to its natural posture.

We have an actual set of alpha males: Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, running the show and in spite of the resistance and shallow criticism it appears to be working and working well. (The Senate Hearing with Secretary Pompeo yesterday made my ears bleed) After eight years of feckless foreign policy we now have a bit of toxic masculinity in place; toxic to our enemies that is!

NoKo so quickly willing to “resolve the issues” is the rough equivalent of your pet rolling over on its back in the hopes of a belly rub. NoKo did not wait so much as a day to realize that they were in an “oh shit” moment. No leaks, just a direct statement from a state-run media outlet.

As expected Democrats, demonstrating no degree of patience or vision, rushed to the microphone to declare that Kim had won and that he had beaten the master deal maker. Pelosi declared “the cancellation of the summit is a win for Kim,” and “Kim is having a “giggle fit” and wasn’t that letter “palsy-walsy.” Not long after Democrats gleefully celebrated what they perceived as a Trump failure; wait for it, … Kim caved in.

To Democrats Trump is perfect, he’s batting 1.000% because he can’t do anything right, nope, not a thing; everything he does is wrong. By the way my Democratic friends, that generic ballot thing that has turned against you is partially because you engage in mindless criticism as a knee jerk reaction each and every time. That posture puts you in opposition to at least 50% of the electorate; good strategy, keep it up. When Democrats root for and revel in American failure oversees there will be a price to pay at the ballot box.

The national security brain trust knows as do we, the great unwashed, that NoKo to a large degree dances to whatever tune China is playing. China’s vaunted ability to execute against a long term vision got this one wrong. To make the point ever so clear to the Chinese they were disinvited from participation in a military exercise. Hopefully, they’ll get the message that America has alpha males in charge now and they have demonstrated clearly that they will not be intimidated by their lesser.