European Reality Check: America Or Iran?

It’s no surprise that The European Union has ordered European companies not to comply with the U.S. sanctions regime against Iran. How sad, our closest allies since WWII and we can so easily anticipate them wanting to have nothing to do with America’s ambitions for eliminating nuclear weapons from rogue regimes like Iran and North Korea. Why? Money!

Those who eschew security for economic gain will end up having neither.

We won’t walk away from the alliance, we won’t disband NATO, but there are messages that can and should be delivered. The long overdue message that the age of stepping, or spitting in our eye because you could with no repercussions is over. 

The Euros know the Iran deal was a bad deal politically and in relation to global and regional security, how could they not? But it was a good deal for them economically allowing them to provide Iran with multiple opportunities to shove a stick in the American eye by favoring European companies and products. There is some significant history of European collusion with Iran prior to the nuclear P5+1 deal on the Iranian nuclear program, most notably in Germany

However, in a more general sense Europe has felt no inhibitions about opposing U.S. policy prescriptions and it’s gone on for a long time. Heck, French President Macron did it in front of Congress not so long ago. Western Europe has felt no compunction regarding degrading America and Americans. Western Europe and the E.U. have delivered a strong and consistent message of disunity related to America’s position in the world since President Reagan through to President Trump. Bad move! The President must reevaluate our relations with Western Europe; simply taking a longer head start to slam your head into the same old wall is not going to accomplish anything.

We disagree on Israel, we disagree on Iran, we disagree on the Paris Accords, we disagree on the role of the United Nations; we disagree on collective defense when Europe was asked to pay its fair share, other than the idea that the U.S., by way of NATO, should bear the majority of the burden for European security. I’m finding it hard to see where we remain connected on issues that are of major importance to the United States.

So what to do? A few suggestions to deliver both the appropriate message and the key question; whose side are you on?

America boycotts any European company doing business with Iran. No imports, no exports no access to American controlled financial transfer utilities. It becomes against American law to deal with any company that deals with Iran. Be my guest, sell cars in Iran; but you can’t sell them here, same with planes, commodities, raw materials etc.

Build a coalition in support of company specific boycotts; we can probably get a few; Israel, Saudi Arabia, certain Gulf States, some Central and South American allies. But if it’s necessary to stand alone America has done that any number of times and should be prepared, under Trump, to do it again.

No more state visits, in either direction, regarding Western Europe. Let’s entertain the folks who actually support us: Poland, Czech Republic, and Eastern Europe in general, and let’s do so lavishly.

No more parties at U.S. embassies in Western Europe and no more attendance at the parties of Western European embassies anywhere at any time; party’s over folks!

Make the underlying deals to establish American bases in Eastern Europe, specifically Poland and the Czech Republic. Begin a migration of American military assets to those locations.

Find other markets for American Natural Gas exports. Europe’s marriage to Russian natural gas is a significant strategic weakness and we are in a position to mitigate that weakness. I suggest we not do so. If America is so terrible at evaluating the security threat from Iran perhaps we’re also wrong about Russia and its ability to strangle European energy supplies.

We should listen to our Western European friends because they are doing such a wonderful job protecting their society as we watch the slow death of indigenous European culture. It could be gone in two to three generation depending which of our Western European ‘friends’ we’re talking about. You not only allow yourselves to be invaded by migrants but you appease their cultural prerogatives above your own. We’ve done it too, it’s wrong! It’s the death of what we’ve built over time.

Do we need to listen to Western Europe knowing their financial self-interest regarding Iran? That self-interest appears, at the moment, to be more important to our Western European friends than we are. Iran’s market is worth billions of Euros to Western Europe, perhaps it is time to remind the E.U. what the American Market is worth, and what the value of our commitment to NATO is worth. What is your freedom worth? What is your security worth?

Do we need to listen to Western Europe about Paris Accords that exclude the two biggest polluters on the planet from any demand for short term environmental improvements, with an out of proportion commitment from the U.S., as usual.

It’s time to deliver the message to Macron, Merkel, May and the E.U. bureaucracy that we’re not your patsies anymore. The price tag for a reality check has come due.