Netanyahu Exposes Iran’s Flagrant Nuclear Cheating

Let us assume for the moment that Israel really does have the goods on Iran and their nuclear program. I, for one, am not sporting a surprised look. Although I never wrote of it, it was my personal opinion, without evidence, that Iran would have never made a deal absent one of two situations: they already had a bomb or they had a parallel nuclear program. There have been reports along the way from dissident Iranian groups of a parallel program. A program no doubt housed in military facilities that Iran would not allow to be inspected. Did anyone have a clue? It does not require a great leap of imagination to envision those facilities as home for the parallel program. We are reminded that the scope of the nuclear program was exposed by dissident group MEK, not by our intelligence services.

Is it not interesting that on the same day Prime Minister Netanyahu exposed the intelligence that has been being acquired since 2016, Iran threatens to depart the “Nuclear Deal” having recently spent their time and energy threatening the U.S. should the U.S. pull out of the deal. Hmmmmmm, could Iran actually have something to hide? Iran’s threat to depart the deal is a fairly strong indicator that they do have something to hide and have no intention of allowing it to be inspected or of giving it up.

To reach the level of supposition I’m engaged in here you must understand the Twelver Shi’ite sect. The 12th Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, disappeared shortly after the death of his father the 11th Imam under threat from the Caliph at the age of five. He communicated through four deputies and, well the story gets long at this point. For our purposes the point is that the 12th Imam will reappear with Jesus at his right hand to banish all evil from the world and facilitate the end of days. However, prior to the re-appearance there must be a period of chaos, cataclysm and global upheaval as the lubricant for the re-emergence of the 12th Mahdi. What better way to promote chaos than a nuclear event?

85% Iranian Muslims are adherents of Twelver Shi’ism. It’s not the fringe it’s the mainstream religious belief in Iran.

We, the loyal opposition, tried to warn you. We tried to make you understand that under the rule of the Mullahs the overriding religious context was and would dominate Iran’s view of a nuclear deal. We tried to tell you that ‘Al-taqiyya’ would be deployed. ‘Al-taqiyya is the concept in Islam that justifies lying about your intentions until such time as you are as strong as your enemy. We made the argument that as sanctions finally began to impact Iran in a serious manner, it was the worst possible time to make overtures about a deal; we argued that more pain would result in a better deal. The Obama Administration more concerned with legacy than security; were taken to wood shed by Iran. Ben Rhodes bragged, not about the essentials of the deal and how wonderful they were, he bragged about creating an “echo chamber” within a compliant media. And, oh, by the way you were never supposed to know about the plane loads of cash on pallets designed for front end loaders; too heavy for humans, just saying. And for the record why was it that the only video of the cash arriving is from Iranian sources; once they had the money the middle finger went up, straight and strong; echo chamber indeed!

In the wake of Netanyahu’s presentation Iran is likely going completely Bat guano; “holy guano, how did the Little Satan get hold of our stuff?” Well is not it generally accepted that a Satan of any ilk is a sneaky, clever dude? Heck, Al Pacino played him in the movies; Al Pacino!

One can only wonder at the finger pointing going on in Iran. To assume that there may be a circular firing squad developing is always a logical projection where autocratic rule is in place. When the last shot has been fired within the circle, nothing will change except the body count.

Finally, the next time we experience American or European politicians raging on Israel ask yourself who else here on earth has the wherewithal to score an intelligence coup such as Prime Minister Netanyahu presented yesterday? Rhetorical answer; no one! When you evaluate the Israeli, American relationship keep in mind that our only source of valid intelligence likely comes from Israel. We will never know, nor should we know the scope of the intelligence support we receive from Israel but it’s not hard to surmise.