Mueller Probe Resembles Russian Show Trial

Once upon a time long ago in a faraway galaxy, I was a bit of a fan of Tom Friedman.

It now appears that Tom (can I call you Tom) is in a serious struggle for relevance. But he does have that overly serious, stentorian aspect going for him although he seems, of late, to be wrong about nearly everything including election results and the nature of China on the world stage. We must remember that Tom wanted us to “be like China for a day” so that we could “authorize the right solutions.” Tom was just weighing in on his fondness for totalitarian problem-solving.

Now Tom believes that George Bush and Barack Obama are just waiting in the wings to swoop in as a unified bi-partisan force to address an unspecified constitutional crisis and to save the country from … something, again unspecified.

Maybe it was the sentencing of the Dutch lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan, who practices in London that has triggered Tom. Mr. van der Zwaan apparently “lied” to the special counsel although, based on a thirty day sentence, it is more likely he misspoke. But no matter, we must have our guilty parties. But, thirty days? That does not seem an appropriate sentence in light of the hypercritical context of the Russia investigation. Thirty Days; “well, we had to do something.”

We may be reminded of Stalin’s executioner, Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria, who famously said “show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” Is that not exactly what the Mueller investigation is beginning to feel like? Mueller has people caving, not because there is horrific guilt associated with these folks, especially as it relates to Russian meddling. They’re caving because they choose not to be personally or financially ruined by the full force of a corrupt investigation.

Mueller forced men like Mike Flynn to agree to be the victim in what amounts to the investigative version of a tyrannical show trial. A show trial that forced a Federal Judge to insist that Mueller turn over “all” of the documents he had to Flynn’s legal team, meaning Mueller and his team did not do so. Anyone who has ever watched a TV show about lawyers knows the prosecution has to turn over everything to the defense without being ordered to. Mueller must have missed that class in law school. Aren’t we proud, we’re giving Joseph Stalin’s butcher Lavrenti Beria a run for his money and the liberal media is thrilled at the prospect.

If Tom Friedman is intent on a constitutional crisis he might want to consider the Mueller investigation as a potential trigger for that eventuality. Or perhaps Mr. Friedman could focus on the demonstrable corruption at the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ, not to mention evidence of bias in the Federal Court System whereby Rudolph Contreras, removed from the Flynn case is, apparently, a buddy of Peter Strzok.

Hey Tom, how about that one?