Spending Bill: No Lipstick For This Pig

I will be forever grateful to Donald Trump for defeating Hillary Clinton; he put a stop to the Progressive Left’s occupation of the White House. That being said I am seriously disappointed that he has signed the Omnibus spending bill.

The Deep State spending bill, oops sorry, the Omnibus spending bill represents one of two scenarios. In the first case it is a near total capitulation to the Progressive Democrats in Congress or it is your best yet proof of exactly how deep the deep state is. The Republican Party just committed political suicide with their base and with Trump’s base; those two things not necessarily being the same.

The deep state has risen up to show this petulant outsider how things are done in their world. Their world will have nothing to do with those who elected and support Trump. We’re all on the plantation now.

The President attempted to apply lip stick to this budgetary pig and did an exceptionally poor job of it; hesitant and stammering. His fundamental rational being that he signed a bill he didn’t like to insure funding for the military. He repeated this meme over and over again and haltingly included other points of accomplishment. He trotted out Cabinet Secretaries to talk about this and that but there was no statements of significance that actually addressed the spending bill.

The President vowed, that he would never again sign this manner of bill. My question is; why wait? Is six months of funding worth the disgust of those who support(ed) you?

Official Washington apparently lives in fear of shutting down the government. However, in light of the need for 60 vote majorities in the Senate what other venue is available to actually execute the agenda of an elected President? The answer from the deep state is “you don’t, we’re not going to let you.”

Leader McConnell will not vacate the filibuster in favor of a simple majority supposedly because he maintains such deep respect for the Senate; bull! It should now be apparent to us all that you don’t rise to the level McConnell has risen to absent a knee bent to powerful elites who have likely bought and paid for you.

Leader Pelosi on the other hand is trumpeting her ‘victory,’ she’s thrilled because you know, she’s a master legislator; well maybe she is based on this bill. This is simple; if Pelosi loves the spending bill there must be aspects of it that are tragically wrong. Note to Democrats, good luck getting rid of her now.

This spending bill, based on nothing other than the size of it and what’s not in it: no wall, no increase in Border Patrol spending, no money for additional immigration centers to detail illegals meaning catch and release, in many cases, is the Border Patrol’s only option. Is it possible that the immigration issues that catapulted Trump to the nomination and then to the Presidency have been pushed aside?

Military funding is important, no question, but holding it off for another week or two in the event the President did take the government to a shutdown would not have been a crisis and in actuality would have given the President a wide variety of themes with which to beat the Democrats about the head and shoulders. If this is the advice and direction the President is getting from his inner circle he needs to fire a bunch more of them.