Anti-Gun Walkout: Same Old Song, New Lyrics

In the interest of full disclosure I specifically applied my available technology (FIOS) to get me far enough ahead of the programs I watch in the evening to insure that I would not be required to endure reportage of “the kids,” to the point of distraction. Why watch when you know in advance exactly what’s going to happen?

The “kids” are our latest exercise in political theater: will we never tire of the same old, repetitive exercise in feckless demonstration; in this case by “kids”? It appears that some of the “kids” had trouble memorizing the talking points provided by their adult organizers, in this case The Women’s March. The Women’s March, by the way, is not just a March. It’s a left wing organization with, you know, offices, phones and staff. It is led by Linda Sarsour who favors Sharia Law and is a virulent anti-Semite among many other charming characteristics.

Will we never tire of repetitive political theater? Speaking for myself I was sick of it in 1976, as it had enjoyed ongoing repetition since the political theater of the ’60s, little has changed since then. Moments of silence, costumes, back turning, masks, die ins, sit ins, lie ins, teach ins. There is a balance to be achieved in some cases as you can’t have too many professionally done pre-printed signs; you have to have a good mix of “grassroots” signage, like the one that claimed the White House is a gun free zone. Truth in signage is not required because it’s not about facts, or about your intellectual heft, it’s just about how you feel, what your emotions guide you too. Let’s see, 13 to 17 years old, guided by emotion; what could possibly go wrong?

Come on; how about some creativity, let’s get some new chants, “Hey, hey, Ho, Ho (fill in the blank) has got to go” is tired and overused, can’t we do better? Come on kids (or adult organizers, including their teachers) if we’re going to go to the podium and claim that you now lead us; now that you’re here and woke all will be well. By the way good move threatening that folks who can’t vote (the kids) will rain holy retribution on non-compliant politicians at the ballot box??

Let’s get on with something new: you can’t just plagiarize the ’60s forever. Or can you?