What FBI Dirt Does Andrew McCabe Have?

According to some reports, Andrew McCabe showed up at the DOJ to make the case that he should not be fired and that his pension should be protected.

One has to wonder what ‘coin of the realm’ McCabe has to offer in return for that consideration. As one of the chief architects of the decline in public confidence in the FBI, McCabe has done serious damage. McCabe was right in the middle of helping steer the FBI to its status as a political organization by protecting Hillary Clinton, and her close associates, and using unsubstantiated information (the dossier) to harm Donald Trump.

Some reports had McCabe begging for his pension to be maintained and he not to be fired. That, somehow, doesn’t sound right as McCabe arrived for his meeting at the DOJ with his lawyer. It is possible that, as a result of what we expect to come from the Inspector General his pension could be reduced as opposed to eliminated by his firing.

Three possibilities appear to present themselves. The first being that as the number two guy at the FBI McCabe could do some damage to both the FBI, the DOJ and who knows how many political figures by exposing additional corruption that we are currently unaware of. How big a boom could McCabe level and upon whom. Two, he could give up James Comey’s role in all of this mess as a way to protect his status. Considering that new reports hold that the FBI’s warrantless surveillance programs were corrupt and replete with the opportunity for political misbehavior, and that Comey sat on the information it is likely McCabe was involved at that level as well. Finally, inexplicably, AG Sessions has protected Rod Rosenstein; does McCabe have the goods on Rosenstein?

Long lived Bureaucrats are exceptionally good at covering their backsides by hoarding information and protecting their rise through that bureaucracy by any means necessary. McCabe is a long lived bureaucrat who wants his pension worth, reportedly, two million dollars over time.

Interestingly, Jonathan Turley being interviewed on Fox News last night by Martha McCallum opined that McCabe should be less concerned about his pension than he is about prison.