Thoughts And Prayers: What Does It Mean?

The degree of predictability in the wake of horrific shootings has come to include the denigration of those offering “thoughts and prayers.”

Apparently unknown to the left is that “thoughts and prayers” are an extension of empathy, the attempt to connect with the pain and suffering of others, the spiritual power of human energy. You try to engage the power of an unselfish pursuit of wisdom and good judgment.

The empathy drives you to try to imagine that it’s your daughter lying dead in a high school corridor, the victim of random violence. You try! But, you can’t get there because it’s too dark, it’s too uncertain; it’s too fraught with a reality that you know you may end you.

It’s the frightening attempt to engage that which could ruin you, you know that you could go to that ruin with nary an audible whimper. You try to imagine that deep level of hell where the friends and families of the dead have been deposited. You try to understand by engaging your humanity!

And then, it evolves from debilitating into a true emotional death sentence; “we knew about him, we knew he was a problem.”

The personal tragedies must now bear witness to the unbearable weight that it did not have to be it. Our hearts and minds reel from the sheer weight that some must bear, in our hearts and minds we reach out with our humanity and our empathy.

That would be the nature of my thoughts and prayers.