Democrats: You Should Be Dead By Now

Perhaps we could adjust the BeeGee’s lyrics from “you should be dancing, yeah” to “you should be dead by now.”

First up, the repeal of Net neutrality will kill you. Yup, not hysterical at all, the change in the government’s control of the internet will result in a death plague like we’ve never seen. Nate has a post on this site that is an “as good as it gets” review of the issue.

A repeal of ObamaCare will lead to “people dying.”

The passage of the tax bill will lead to “people dying’, not only people dying but Armageddon, “the end of the world”; according to Minority Leader Pelosi! No hyperbole there!

The cherry on top of this death cult Sundae comes to us from Patricia Harrison, the CEO of the Public Broadcasting Corporation. “Cuts to PBS in the White House’s budget could cause people to lose their lives” she says. But why, you may ask? Because there is just no “viable substitute for federal funding” that would ensure PBS continues on its leftward trek into the political jungle. Federal funding for PBS by way of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting equals 12% of the overall budget. I’m thinking a few more faux documentaries as a vehicle for annoying fund raising might do the trick. Or you could manage to produce a radio program with less than 10 producers which is apparently the standard in PBS land. In the private sector, radio programs that I am familiar with take two or three people to support the production.

The argument is typical of elitists removed from the real world most of us live in. Ms. Harrison is apparently abused of the idea that if PBS had less funding “breaking news would not be covered effectively,” according to Ms. Harrison, especially when it’s so hard to break into the classical music programs on PBS stations. It is somewhat unbelievable that the CEO of a media organization would be unaware of all of the other media organizations out there; hubris or simple stupidity? It’s hard to know these days.

It probably doesn’t matter anyway because, “you should be dead by now.”