Deep State, In Your Face

It’s all well and good to focus our attention on the current shiny objects representing the deep state. The corruption at the FBI has the attention of many across the political spectrum, they know, that if it can happen to that guy it can happen to me. Further exposed has been the degree to which the “conspiracy of intent” runs the show in Washington. The DOJ appears on the verge of some significant charges of corruption and unethical behaviors; whether they will reach the volume of what we’re seeing at the FBI remains to be seen.

However, the right up in your face aspect of the deep state is sitting right in front of us and all over our news media this week: the spending bill. The record spending package is beyond the pale. This is the ‘Uniparty’ at work; wherever you find the ‘Uniparty’ you also find the deep state cheering from the shadows. More money, more money, more money! Obamacare is funded, Amtrak gets $1.4 billion, Planned Parenthood funding remains in place, CDC gets a $47 billion increase in funding. Money to support immigration approaches $1 billion inclusive of funding for young migrants. Granted there are some cutbacks such as the IRS, $345 million and there are modifications to Dodd-Frank and other regulatory issues but the total targets of specific funding actually begin to look like a budget, so why not an actual budget?

Let’s be clear, it was important to fund the military and to do so consistently and predictably. Considering the threats we face it is suicidal not to bring some sanity to military and defense related funding. Let us also be clear that Democrats were holding that funding hostage to a dramatic increase in domestic spending inclusive of hurricane relief that, if taken as precedent, will never motivate anyone to move away from a coastline ever. We also pay for Puerto Rico’s decades long mismanagement of, well, nearly everything.

Domestic spending at this level should make a hero out of Chuck Schumer with the inside Democrat establishment and, of course, with the deep state. Domestic spending is the mother’s milk of the Progressive Left, Schumer delivered and then some.

However, it remains disturbing that in Democrat circles national security is, primarily, a negotiating chip to accomplish exactly what we saw this week. We need a leadership position and a policy out of the White House that will put an end to this demon’s dance.