The Nunes Memo: Latest in a Series

It’s all about “the memo” for the moment and it should be; at least until the next memo surfaces reinforcing the perception of corruption or when the FBI Inspector General releases the results of his investigation which will likely paint a broad picture of aberrant behavior at the FBI. The level of integrated corruption, just based on what is contained in “the memo,” is both staggering and unfortunately, not surprising. It will be seen, as time goes on, as the visible tip of the deep state iceberg. Those engaged in mindless rejection of “the memo” and engaging in baseless hyperbole might want to take a breath and realize that all of what’s being said will accelerate the current rejection of Democrat political theater and will, as well, be back for a return engagement in October in the form of campaign ads. This issue has not seen closure, not even close, there will be more.

The questions for us are simple. Assuming that you’re not a foreign agent or a depraved, violent terrorist with evil intent; is it okay for the government to secretly spy on you for no other reason than your political views or actions where there is no evidence of a crime? Is it okay for agencies that wield incredible legal power to use that power to control the electoral process? Is it okay to be secretly surveilled and then hung out to dry when your interview with the FBI reveals something different from what they have already collected on you that you knew nothing about? If you answered “no, that’s not okay” send a thank you not to Congressmen Nunes and Gowdy. 

We need to be reminded that “the memo” is a variation on a theme. There is little question that the Obama Administration weaponized the IRS. Now we know that they also weaponized the FBI and the Department of Justice. Secondary departments such as the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management were also used as a hammer to facilitate the fever dreams of the Progressive Left and take what steps were available to support the execution of the repressive, Progressive point of view.

Sharing guilt is the legacy media. As of yesterday CNN had not given up on the Russia Investigation with pundits claiming that “the memo” was just a ruse to deflect attention from Mueller’s collusion probe. The MSM got right on board with the Democrat narrative that “the memo” would harm national security before reading the memo: yes you, Joe Scarborough, among others. Upon actually reading “the memo” one has to wonder if we are all reading the same memo; there is no way that memo harmed anyone other than the individuals involved in wrongdoing and the deep state that supported and directed them. 

It’s hard to make an effective argument that there is no collusion or, at least, a conspiracy of intent in the MSM when 93% of reporting on Trump is negative. In fact “negative” is too generous a term; unhinged, rabid, fanatical would be more to the point. Churchill had his definition of a fanatic; “a fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” Sound familiar?
The point here, simply is, that the endemic corruption that our bureaucracy has given birth to has become a Leviathan. Conservatives have long argued, often from the wilderness, that the government had grown too big, too unwieldy, too removed from the Americans they effected, often with no regard beyond a political agenda as demonstrated by “the memo.”  

Fasten your seat belt; more to come!