Immigration: Fantasy World Meet Reality World

In my personal immigration “Fantasy World” there are no illegal aliens in America; if you’re not legal, you’re not here.

However, here in “Reality World,” that will apparently never be the case.

As preamble I need to have a word with the Dreamers. Your behavior offends me. Your demands, your political theater makes it very hard for me to live in “Reality World.” Your insistence on a condition you’re not legally entitled to makes me want to retreat to “Fantasy World,” a world where you’re not screaming at me, calling me a racist or a xenophobe. I didn’t bring you here, I just get to pay the price!

To the proposal.

The $25 billion for a “trust fund” is simply a way to fund the wall without having to constantly go through the legislative appropriation process. One and done. It also addresses ports of entry, which is a critical consideration. The funding also nods at the potential that illegals find a way of entering by way of the northern border. Much more difficult but be nice to have the funding available to address the problem should it arise.

The violent reactions against the wall; the dismissive attitudes toward its efficacy ignore how many walls have been built around the world and served their purpose well from, China, to Israel, to Cyprus. Opponents need to realize that the wall is a critical part of the plan and no wall, no deal. Opponents already know this. Beware of slippery language from the likes of Sen. Schumer; approving funding is not the same as appropriating funding; approving is a weak promise, appropriating is the execution of that promise. 

Progressive opposition has as its most fearsome consideration the wall’s very nature; permanence. It will go a long way toward solving the illegal immigration problem for a very long time by cutting off the flow of potentially new Democrat voters.  

The path for up to 1.6 million dreamers is a nod to reality. Considering current estimates of 10 – 13 million illegals in the U.S. to have assumed that there were only 800,000 dreamers was gullible. The detail devil must prescribe specific expectations in terms of what happens if a dreamer engages in criminal activity. There is also the 10-12 year path to citizenship which I consider to be rational. We know typically as folks age and take on broader responsibilities they tend to get more conservative.

Limiting chain migration to a nuclear family makes sense and will not result in excessive immigration impact as our “young dreamers” should they have married while here and had children with a spouse, those children are already citizens. The nuclear family aspect will produce a significant limitation on legal chain migration. Your 3rd cousin twice removed will now have to get in line.

Ending the visa lottery and repurposing those visas is a vehicle for the President’s stated goal of moving toward a merit based immigration system. 

To many, forced to live in “Reality World,” this was the outline of a deal that we have anticipated for years. That both sides have their hair on fire is a testament to the fact that this dog may, in fact, hunt.

The President should, if necessary, extend the deadline for DACA recipients; getting this done by February 8th is only possible in “Fantasy World.”

What’s missing?

E-verify is missing. E-verify has to part of the plan and engage whatever funding is necessary to make it an efficient reality.

What’s the number? How many legal immigrants should we admit every year and on what basis? Same goes for true refugees. Limits on chain migration in the interest of merit based migration create a new balance in favor of merit based immigration which is a benefit to the country.

Time limitations on temporary visas related to disaster relief.

Temporary worker programs especially as related to farming and seasonal resort operations. This has been the case for decades but the bureaucracy necessary to bring those workers here is bureaucratic to the point that you have to retain specialists to get it done. There should also be legal protections for temporary workers to insure they are not subjected to abuse or illegal activity by employers.

We must have legally prescribed penalties and penalty options for sanctuary cities and states along with additional empowerment for ICE and the Border Patrol.

Here in “Reality World,” we’re swallowing hard even though we knew it was coming. I don’t want to send good kids away, but I do want them to stop insulting me. I do want to get Luis Gutierrez off my television set and see an end to the constant pandering and guilt shaming. I want to see Vicente Fox sit down and shut up. 

Americans are rational and inherently generous. I also believe they are willing to be led on this issue if it is carefully presented and justified. I also believe Americans want legal to mean legal and illegal to mean illegal. This is, perhaps, the opportunity to do just that; to reestablish what should have been a true reality all along.