The Lone Secret Society Informant?

Senator Ron Johnson has an informant who, apparently, verified that there were FBI/DOJ “secret society” meetings off site from government premises. Good for you informant.

What took you so long?

Was this particular revelation of the “secret society” the trigger or are you generally disgusted at what you’ve seen over the past year and a half, maybe longer? And, if you knew about the meetings and their nature were you involved?

Are there more of you who are embarrassed at what your leadership has done to your departments? How many may be willing to step forward and demand they’re reputations back?

Out here among the great unwashed we would like to believe that the people of the FBI, in the vast majority, are smart, capable professionals committed to what they do and being as bias free as a person can reasonably be. This would be a good time to demonstrate that that belief, that hope is not in vain. An uprising of sorts is the type of dynamic, dramatic demonstration of integrity necessary to put the FBI’s reputation on the road to redemption.

Out here we also know just how impactful bad leadership can be. It wears you out, sucks the life out of you no matter how committed you may be. We can offer the rank and file of the FBI some benefit of the doubt but they’ve got to step up.

Same goes for the DOJ in spades. I hear tell that there’s a lot of lawyers over there at the DOJ, hard to prove based on the number of key players with severe conflict of interest issues and in some cases the potential for outright criminality and blatant corruption. One would think lawyers would be able to avoid such difficulties; apparently not.

Maybe there is activity behind the scenes, maybe the FBI and DOJ are actively pursuing the evil doers; maybe they’re on the job and just keeping it out of the public eye. Maybe! It would be nice if we could get a hint from Mr. Wray and Mr. Sessions.

Most of what we’ve seen so far is indistinguishable from J. Edgar Comey, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. What it takes for Congressional oversight to get a hold of documents in support of oversight is, all by itself, an embarrassment and leaves us wondering why and what is being hidden. Yes we’re a bit paranoid but are we paranoid enough?

It’s also possible that Jeff Sessions has fallen victim to the “Peter Principal”, that would be a sad but intolerable circumstance for the president that might beg for correction.

Out here it looks like an ongoing attempt at a silent coup d’état and it looks like your organizations were right in the middle of it. It looks dirty, based on what little we know it does not pass the smell test at any level.

We’ve come to expect some degree of corruption and over time we have, to all appearances, decided some degree of it is acceptable, it should not be. If we were to face the truth we would come to the realization that you can find corruption on just about every street corner in D.C.

The question for the employees of the FBI and the DOJ is simple. How many, if any of you want their institutional reputations back and what will they do to get it back?

If Senator Johnson’s lone informant remains alone that will once again serve as a demonstration of just how deep the deep state is; it will be a “let them eat cake moment’, bad news for us all.