Hillary Suddenly Vanishes From Public Life

In the political version of Where’s Waldo; where is Hillary? For months neither her supporters nor her opponents could manage to convince her to sit down and shut up. She was sucking up the Democrats’ political oxygen and seemed to care not what anyone had to say about it. Nope, she was now with the “resistance.” Those “random” walks in the woods were simply unsatisfying as there were no spot lights and not a microphone in sight.

Took her no time at all to write “What Happened,” the predicate to a seemingly never ending book tour where she unveiled the litany of excuses for her defeat. For a while it seemed you could not swing a hundred dollar bill without seeming to hit Hillary with it. Every week she was able to trot out a new reason for what happened, have to admire the creativity.

But, but where is she lately? She seems to have disappeared no tweets, no public appearances no blame game events. After the ignored clamor for her to “go away,” now she apparently has. What could the motivation possibly be?

It could be that the e-mail scandal is back on the docket as more and more revelations come to light, mainly as a result of Judicial Watch efforts. A Federal judge in D.C. has told the State Department to “get with it” on releasing the remainder of the e-mails in their possession.

It could be that Huma Abedin will also be caught up in the newly revisited investigation as it becomes ever clearer that she, as well, mishandled confidential communications that were in fact classified.

It could be that the Uranium One investigation is proceeding as the initial spin did not get the job of killing the story done. This one also bears the possibility of splashing up on Mr. Obama as well. Perhaps that deal was part of the “greater flexibility” promise to Dmitry Medvedev to pass on to Vladimir. Collusion!

It could be the manner in which the Clinton Campaign set up the campaign funding scheme that is currently under investigation by the Federal Election Commission. It appears to be the Clinton Foundation scam converted to the Clinton Campaign.

Could the reason be that the pending investigation of the Clinton Foundation could very well end up being viewed as a conspiracy worthy of the RICO statute?

Could it be that the “#metoo” campaign momentum has revisited Bill Clinton’s aberrant sexual behavior over the years. With that comes Hillary’s role in shutting the abused women down to protect her husband’s governorship, his presidency, and by extension her political prospects.

In context, there is a generalized belief that the truth and Hillary simply do not have a serious relationship; the belief that she’ll say or do anything to maintain her relevance and power. It appears that the specter of multiple, ongoing investigations is the only thing that has the ability to shut Hillary down.