Senator Snowflake Please Wait Outside

It is an unfortunate reality. There are places on earth that are, without doubt, s__tholes. It is also an unfortunate reality that countries not generally considered s__tholes have regions that are in fact s__tholes. Mexico and Jamaica come to mind based on my personal experience with those countries.

Africa has been an incontrovertible disaster for time out of memory. Despite the blessings of exhaustive natural resources African countries seem to not be capable of getting out of their own way. Their politics is brutal and typically extreme.

Afghanistan might be dragged into the 14th century, but probably not.

Countries like India and South Africa have success stories to tell and policies that are worth favorable consideration. They also have areas and populations that exist in crushing poverty.

So what’s the issue? Using the word s__thole in a closed meeting with hypothetically mature, worldly members of Congress is horrific. Excuse me, was not the abandonment of DC/PC language part of why Trump is President? Does he not represent our frustration with language incapable of accurately representing reality?

The fact that Senator Durbin decided that DACA wasn’t the issue, Trump’s language was the issue, does a disservice to the groups he claims to represent. His political spotlight is more important than the DACA folks. The DACA folks should pay close attention because Senator Durbin just set them back and moved the focus of the issue from them to language among men in private.

Perhaps the President should have said it in a way to conform to the DC/PC speak expected of us all now. “We must be cautious regarding countries that have suffered significant challenges in their efforts to develop their economies and resources, we must be mindful of their challenges but we must also consider what contribution they are capable of making to an economy that is increasingly technology driven.” That later statement in Dick Durbin’s world is better than the shortcut represented by the single word s__thole! Senator Durbin can now justifiably claim the title of “snowflake”!

Thankfully there are things that bother Senator Durbin not at all. Rush, correctly, points out that s__thole is exactly how Senator Durbin’s left refers to the South and to fly over country, he is not bothered by that language. He is not bothered by ANTIFA rhetoric or actions, horrific abortions bother him not. The threat of violence from the left does not rise to level of requiring Senator Durbin’s disapproval.

Mr. President, hopefully you will learn that your instinct to include and communicate simply cannot be the case with certain folks, both D’s and R’s. The ilk of Dick Durbin is never, never to be trusted. So do this; when you feel the need to speak plainly ask the Dick Durbin delegation to please wait outside. Speak your mind and they invite them back in. They will complain. You will remind them of the absolute inability for you to trust them. They may even get the message. Please wait outside!