Oprah For Nothing: #NeverOprah

Everyone has been enamored with Oprah Winfrey’s speech delivered during the Golden Globes last Sunday night. The speech was mainly focused on sexual harassment, a topic that is near and dear to Hollywood right now, and then segued into Obama-esque rhetoric about “hope” and a new dawn on the horizon in America.

Am I the only one completely bewildered as to why this qualifies someone to run for President? If we tick down the items on Oprah’s resume, it is impressive, perhaps similar to that of Donald Trump in some ways. But does that really qualify anyone to be President because they give a rousing hope/change speech or have a billion dollars?

Donald Trump spoke on issues. Issues that meant something to millions of Americans. Whether it was trade, immigration, taxes, or social issues, Donald Trump spoke to a huge slice of America, and is now delivering on his promises.

What would an Oprah platform look like? I suspect it was be similar to that of President Obama considering her fondness for him. To that end, how many years of “hope and change” without “results and improvements” does America need? In the year since President Trump was elected, we’re chugging to over three percent economic growth. President Obama never managed that, but he gave a good speech.

President Trump is delivering on improving out standing in the world, but President Obama gave a good speech now and then.

President Trump is literally taking the fight to our enemies, such as ISIS. President Obama often spoke of doing little about ISIS, and then made sure he followed through with that.

My point here is that President Trump is a “doer,” while President Obama was a “talker.” President Winfrey strikes me as being a member of the latter group. Lofty rhetoric sounds great on a stage, but means zilch when it comes to shrinking government, growing the economy, and keeping America safe.

So, with this announcement, I’m officially founding the #NeverOprah movement. Just say “No” to nanny-state celebrities lining up to run for President based on their dangerous progressive ideals. No thanks!