2018: Blue Wave or Blue Trickle?

Democrats have embarked on an effort to create a self-fulfilling prophesy for 2018; the “Blue Wave” that will sweep Democrats into legislative majorities and position them to engage in a feckless attempt to impeach President Trump, who has about the same year one approval rating as President Obama according to Rasmussen, just one point of difference.

Currently, Democrats have adopted a rhetorical position absent a political or economic agenda; the agenda apparently being limited to resisting President Trump. There has been no presentation of alternative legislation combined with a clear message that they would not participate in the legislative process in a proactive manner; resist, resist, resist! Beyond the political fantasy of impeaching the President and engaging in multiple levels of immigration amnesty we remain unsure what the message will be or what new ideas will come to the table; or even how they organize an ever more radicalized political Left.

If the economy reacts to tax cuts with economic expansion as it has 3 times in the past: Kennedy, Reagan and Bush; the Democrats will have to convince the electorate to ignore their lying eyes. That after 8 years of economic malaise (yes, I used the word) Democrats will have to make the case that growth, investment, jobs, rising wages based on a pro-growth, pro-business President is a negative. They will have to make the case that an expanding economy and competition for the best employees that resulted in your recent promotion is something you should be ashamed of. The Democrats may have to convince you that your best interests should be secondary to their pursuit of political power in Congress so that they can remove the President that facilitated the upsurge in employment and growth. 

The 2018 political ads regarding the economy are writing themselves. Senator Schumer just in advance of the passage of the bill was annoyed that no one was listening to him; perhaps a foreshadowing of what is, hopefully, to become our national standard. But I digress, the hysteria over the tax bill was widespread with the favorite characterizations being “Armageddon,” “the Middle Class is getting screwed,” “It’s all a lie,” and everyone who was not killed off by net neutrality will be killed off by the tax bill. Having more of your own money is a tragedy of epic proportions. No thought given to the simple fact that an expanding economy creates opportunity for wage and professional growth as well as broadening the opportunities for entry level employment. A two thousand dollar pay cut is great, a six thousand raise based on a promotion is even better!

When the economy (my prediction) grows between 3.5% and 4% quarter after quarter, when job creation is impossible to deny, Nancy and Chuck will reappear in RNC ads assuring us that Armageddon is right around the corner. They apparently do not have the wherewithal to look back at similar criticism of the Reagan Tax cuts as opposed to what actually happened; 14 million new jobs were created over five years; incomes grew by over 22 percent for the next seven years; and the economy grew by over 3.5 percent, on average, for the rest of the decade. Armageddon indeed!

Democratic insider Mo Elleithee appearing on the Fox News Special Report panel on December 27th supports my speculation. Mo contends that Democrats will “run hard against the tax plan.” He further states that Republicans will suffer “headwinds” based, again on the tax plan. Mo might want to look back at The Reagan tax cuts and resulting economic growth. It is exactly what the Democrats fear may happen again. Should they not succeed in the mid-term elections and find ways to mitigate economic growth their brand will suffer the same manner of decline as it did before; 49 states to 1!

But today’s dynamic that was absent from Reagan’s plan is the potential for repatriation of potentially $3 trillion dollars. If you are a Democrat and supported President Obama’s stimulus package of about $800 billion you should be thrilled at potentially 3 times that. Oh, you’re not? Ah, because it’s beyond government control; now I get it.

Already minority employment is occurring at record low levels, not good enough by far but trending in the right direction. The protected classes of the Democratic base which floundered under President Obama are already doing better under President Trump’s policies. Democrats are going to have to find a way to frame that as a negative to a significant portion of their base; what possible messaging could they produce? Oh, I forgot, racism, sexism, misogyny and ism’s not yet dreamed up; Armageddon! While we’re on our way to Armageddon decreases in unemployment also, typically, results in decreases in crime rates.

And then there is the money. The RNC is enjoying record fund raising, under the leadership of Steve Winn and Rhona Romney McDaniel, projecting $130 million in 2017 against no debt. The DNC, on the other hand, has raised $55 million and has $5 million in cash, and $3 million in debt. If money is the mother’s milk of politics the Democrats may be feeling some hunger pangs.  

On social issues the ads will also write themselves; Antifa, pussy hats, screaming at the sky, sophomoric political theater, mindless celebrities, crude commentary, eliminating history and an absence of civil discourse. Universities required safe spaces replete with coloring books, crayons and puppies because the very thought of entertaining a conflicting idea was enough to send a campus into an emotional tail spin. Messages in chalk (MAGA) so offensive as to call in the local physiological trauma unit to minister to what became, rightfully known, as “snowflakes.” Snowflakes are those who are so weak minded, devoid of an intellectual center and willing to escape into the protection of whatever crowd may be handy have evolved into walking, talking cartoon images. Snowflakes contend that anything that disagrees with Progressive orthodoxy is hateful. We may actually have enough cartoons to start our own new cartoon network; the Snowflake Television Network; STN. Ah, maybe a little too close to STD! Metaphor? You decide.

In the “with friends like this” department, Linda Sarsour, a key organizer for the women’s Pussy Hat march, contends that “you have no right to tell us we can’t kill Jews.” For the full Linda Sarsour litany of outrageous commentary see FrontPageMag.com. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to radicalized Leftist rhetoric that the Democrats are want to criticize. I can barely wait to see the campaign slideshow ad featuring the unhinged as a reminder to America of what they really end up voting for. 

Perhaps the expectation of that “Blue Wave” is just a tad premature, ignorant of facts on the ground, an exercise in protective self-hypnosis. You know; just like Hillary had a 90% chance of being elected President.