Fascism? What Fascism?

According to Vocabulary.com the definition of Fascism is; “a way of ruling that advocates total control of the people.” People are looked at as “one body” that must be controlled by the state with absolute force.

There are aspects of Fascism that, in some iterations, add race hatred, nationalism and populism; in the case of Nazi Germany all of the above. The goal, however, remains the same absolute control of all aspects of a society.

Most identify Benito Mussolini as the father of Fascism. It is worth noting that Mussolini was a man of the left and, for the decade preceding his rise to power on the ideology of fascism, he was a leading light of the Socialist Left in Europe. His frustration with Socialism’s electoral failures provided the motivation to develop the tenants of Fascism. Fascism is not a right wing creation despite the claims of the historically challenged.

To quote Mussolini’s goal for Fascism:

  1. Everything in the State
  2. Nothing outside of the State
  3. Nothing against the State

So, is it possible to be a Conservative and a Fascist? Is it possible to view Trump’s actual policies and actions and make an intellectually coherent argument that Trump is a Fascist?

  1. Tax Cuts. Not Fascist as the State gives up a degree of economic control to individuals and by extension reduces the impact of the State in people’s daily lives.
  2. Elimination of the ObamaCare individual mandate. Not Fascist, again control flows away from the state to the individual.
  3. Elimination of bureaucratic regulation. Not Fascist! Again, the elimination of aspects of government control, State control if you will is the real anti-Fascist movements in the current day. Everything from reducing Federal control over protected lands to eliminating State control over the puddle in your backyard is not Fascist. Wanting control of the puddle in your backyard is absolutely Fascist.
  4. Honoring Promises. Not Fascist as the history of actual Fascist regimes demonstrates that promises were frequently no more than a means to set the stage for yet more State control of all manner of a citizen’s life.
  5. The Trump lobbying ban and revised ethical standards; not Fascist as transparency was never an aspect of actual Fascist regimes. No lie was too big in fact the prevailing orthodoxy was the bigger the lie the better. Sell it!

Fascism also embraced violence as a means to a political end: Italy, Nazi Germany, Franco’s Spain all utilized political violence. Come to think of it violence appears to be endemic to the Left’s political stratagems: The French Revolution, Pol Pot, Mao, the list goes on.

One has to ask one’s self who in our current political climate embraces political violence? Conservatives and Republicans or the political Left most especially as demonstrated by the supposed Anti-Fascist movement labeled Antifa. By the way, again for the historically challenged, using the converse to cloud the actual intent was a critical aspect of Fascism. Call it its opposite; sell it!

Do we see violent intimidation from the young Republicans in Berkeley? Are those Fascist Conservatives attacking police and private property? Are those Fascist Republicans shutting down speech that disagrees with their point of view? Is free speech a danger and if so to whom? The Left says it’s a danger to them and therefore reserve the right to decide which speech is acceptable and which is not; a classic aspect of Fascism.

You decide!