James Comey’s Actions Drive FBI Mistrust

It has now been well established that FBI Director James Comey prejudged the Hillary e-mail “matter.” In 2017, in Washington D.C., there is only one reason to put the FBI’s integrity on the bidding block; partisan politics at the top of the FBI. It is beginning to appear that the FBI may be sitting at the head table of the Deep State bureaucracy. The misuse of power and the associated conspiracy is startling as it was with the IRS targeting of conservative groups and the unmasking of Trump campaign staff.  

Comey is so brilliant, so insightful, so confident and ever so much better than you that he could see into the future, a future where Hillary’s innocence could be determined two months before the investigation was concluded. Wow, talk about super powers. Our hero laid out the bill of particulars against Hillary. Remembering the moment, many of us sat there watching and thinking; “Oh my God he’s going to indict her,” but his superior super skills allowed him to twist out of the knot he had tied. In Comey’s construct, Hillary, once again, escapes consequence by way of a carefully ministered narrative constructed by Comey’s inner circle at the FBI. 

You must take our hero at his word; no one at the DOJ knew what he was going to say back in July. You are expected to believe that there were no DOJ personnel in the FBI building, no oversight, no evidence review activities, no case coordination, no rumor mill. You are expected to believe that over the course of two months not a single bit of information about the “matter” escaped the FBI inner circle Nope, none of that; pure as the driven snow job.

What about the insurance policy referred to by Peter Strzok? Could that be the Trump dossier? Is Strzok’s texting an indication that the FBI was right in the middle of the entire dossier fraud? Was that the insurance policy Strzok referred to? What else could it be? If so, the fraud goes right to the number two guy at the FBI, Andrew McCabe. Once again you are required to disbelieve your lying eyes and give our hero a pass; despite his ability to see two months into the future, he knew nothing of what was going on next door to his office.

I have, over the years, had a wide variety of interactions with Federal law enforcement personnel; serious people, absolutely professional. In that context I have to wonder how the vast majority of downright, upright FBI Special Agents and staff feel about what they learned this week. 

Mark Penn’s polling indicates that 64% of those polled think that “there is trouble in River City” as the FBI and DOJ continue to resist providing information to Congress. 54% think Mueller has serious conflicts of interest. 

Penn’s polling indicates that the FBI and Mueller have a high hill to climb to restore public trust; what a comprehensive shame, what a stain on an organization that is supposed to be above the politics of the moment. Thousands of dedicated people dishonored by what passed for leadership at the FBI: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page, and who knows how many others. 

Finally, Mr. Comey, you just might want to lay off the obtuse tweets dealing with honesty and truth; just saying.