Roy Moore Was Not Worth The Effort

This may be an unpopular opinion with some, but I’m going to share it anyway. Republican Roy Moore was narrowly defeated by Democrat Doug Jones last night in the special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama left vacant by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The polling was wildly unpredictable, with polls showing either a big Jones win, or a big Moore win, take your pick. In the end, Jones won by about 50% to 49% over Moore. The margin was close, but not so close that we’re anywhere near recount territory.

In the end, Alabama voters rejected Moore, and for good reason. Yes, he was done dirty by women who waited 40 years to come forward publicly and share their stories of sexual harassment/abuse allegations about him. Where were these women over the past 17 years when Moore was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, you ask? I don’t know, and neither does anyone else. But that’s not the point.

Moore’s biggest problem is the numerous inconsistencies in his statements over the past few weeks. At one point, he admitted to dating teenage girls, but only with their mother’s permission. Then, just days ago, he said he never dated any teenage girls at all when he was in his 30s. Well, both statements can’t be true, which means Moore was being dishonest with voters, and the voters didn’t like it.

Republican primary voters made a bad choice by selecting Roy Moore over the better-qualified Mo Brooks. In fact, had Brooks been the Republican nominee, he would have assuredly won, and provided that populist backing that President Trump was looking for.

Moore is basically done in the national spotlight, and I say good riddance. Let him go. There are much higher quality candidates in Alabama and elsewhere. Steve Bannon may be disappointed, but Roy Moore was not the hill to die on, in my opinion.

Some may believe that Moore’s loss will imperil the tax reform plan. That’s probably unlikely since Senator Doug Jones will not be seated until January, at the earliest. This means, if anything, Republicans may have greater incentive to get it done as soon as possible to avoid a scenario where 1 vote could send it down the tubes.

Some are claiming that a Jones victory is exactly what the establishment wanted. I think there’s truth to that. Had Moore not been such a bad candidate, the voters would have selected him and sent the establishment packing. The lesson here is that just because someone is “anti-establishment” does not make them a quality candidate.

The other benefit to Moore’s loss is that it takes away a stockpile of ammunition from Democrats in 2018. It also probably ensures that Senator Al Franken will likely exit the Senate, rather than “un-resign.”

So say what you will, but Roy Moore is toast, so let’s move on from this saga and get back to Making America Great Again!