Hillary’s Blame Game Will Eventually Expire

You may be wondering how long the Hillary “What Happened” blame train will go on as she attempts to establish an alternate reality on Planet B. Stock up on necessities because we actually do have a blame game standard/precedent. 

I’m not sure anyone has addressed an actual standard for how long you get to blame others for your failures; but, we march forward in pursuit of the rhetorical question.

In year five of his Presidency, President Obama was still blaming George W. Bush for the state of the economy, despite Obama’s attempts to strangle the economy. In year five he was also continuing to Blame Bush for Iran and Afghanistan. He blamed Bush for the rise of ISIS in March of 2015. Obama blamed Bush for Fast and Furious. The list goes on and on, there are lots of resources citing chapter and verse of the Obama blame game. And, who could forget his blaming of an unknown filmmaker for the attacks in Cairo and Benghazi; that one doesn’t require a link does it?

So, by this standard we get to listen to the Hillary Clinton cackle for at least another four years and six months or until the media has finally had enough of her if they ever will have had enough of Hillary? It’s hard to know.

Although she’s done a good job of coming up with new and creative: people, institutions and ism’s to blame for her loss she’s going to have to do a lot better if she wants to keep up the pace for another four years and six months. There are, however, actual plans to continue the tour into 2018, at least.

This must be punishment directed at the great unwashed who refused to participate in the coronation. One of the things I was quite sure I could not bear was four years of Hillary, Hillary’s voice and her cackle of a laugh, telling me what to think and who to be from the Oval Office. In defeat I expected her to fade away, but in hindsight that was, perhaps, wishful thinking. She refuses to clear the stage. One has to wonder if anyone has the standing to tell her that this is beginning to look pathetic and reinforces in the minds of many the daily relief that she is not our President. As character flaws go she appears to have a significant majority of them covered.

No amount of criticism motivates her to go quietly because her voters are showing up at these book signings, in some cases filling small theaters (you do, however, get a book as part of the deal). Hillary came up with a way to monetize a book tour, who knew that the book would be the parting gift for the admission fee to hear her blame someone else. No doubt the crowds are thick with anticipation as to whether their night with Hill would bring forth yet another fresh reason or person to blame. 

Just four years and six month to go; whew! Ah, but then again, there’s that health thing!